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Age of the characters

So I was wondering, we all know the characters age in The Legend of Korra when the first season started. The next season takes place a half year later, but did the characters turn older as well, since we don't know their birthdays? And what about the difference between season 2 and the upcoming season 3?

This is my thought:

Season 1:

Korra: 17

Mako: 18

Bolin: 16

Asami: 18

Season 2:

Korra: 18 at the end of the season. (Just a thought)

Mako: 19

Bolin: 16/17

Asami: 19

I can't say more about season 3, maybe the characters turned one year older, maybe some more months too. I don't know. Let me know your thoughts!

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