Every season of Korra seems to come up with something new that always seems out of place to me. While I dont always agree with these decisions at first, I try to at least make some sense of them to try to justify it being written into the show. 

1. Bolin's Lavabending.

While I was under the impression lavabending was an Avatar-only ability, Ghazan pretty much disproved that, and I'm willing to accept that. Bolin's ability to lavabend though may come as a bit of a stretch though. I already know of people that are up in arms about Mako's ability to lightning bend, and this may fall into the same idea. My argument about this is they are Pro-benders, as in Professional Benders. They're not some novice benders with no experience, they're proficient masters in their bending abilities the same way professional athletes are masters in their abilities. However, the problem isn't that he was able to do it, the problem is how quickly he was able to control his newfound ability, an ability rarer than metalbending. 

I noticed in the escape from the Air Temple, and in his fight with Ghazan, Bolin never created lava; he simply controlled already existing lava. I believe it's comparable to Zuko's ability to redirect lighting, but not enough mastery over the element to create it. I think it's a lot more plausible than a sudden mastery of such a rare ability. 

2. Zaheer's ability to fly.

I already know this is going to bother people. It bothered me the moment I saw it. I thought the show had "jumped the shark" and created something so rediculous beyond repair (Unavatu sort of did that already, and I try not to think about it).  But now after thinking about it, my concern isn't that Zaheer was able to fly, now I'm wondering why this is such a unique ability. Sky Bison seem like they should be significantly more limited in their ability to fly than humans, yet they do it no problem. Why should an airbender have to "untether themselves from earthly attachments" to achieve this ability? Maybe Sky Bison are more profound than I give them credit for, but if they can fly, why not a human?

Thoughts? rebuttals? Anything else that seemed out of place in the season? Leave them in the comments.

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