• LimitedUBF

    Season 3 Questions

    August 22, 2014 by LimitedUBF

    Every season of Korra seems to come up with something new that always seems out of place to me. While I dont always agree with these decisions at first, I try to at least make some sense of them to try to justify it being written into the show. 

    1. Bolin's Lavabending.

    While I was under the impression lavabending was an Avatar-only ability, Ghazan pretty much disproved that, and I'm willing to accept that. Bolin's ability to lavabend though may come as a bit of a stretch though. I already know of people that are up in arms about Mako's ability to lightning bend, and this may fall into the same idea. My argument about this is they are Pro-benders, as in Professional Benders. They're not some novice benders with no experience, they're proficie‚Ķ

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