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  • Limepickle

    Sigh. I can't help but love Avatar even if it does reduce me to a giggling,gleeful, gibbering at screen fangirl type.

    But this time its just got worse. The new trailer for Legend of Korra has finally caused an Internal Agni Kai to break out between...

    (IFM) Inner Fan Me > currently staging a fullblown party/riot upon discovering trailer

    (CPM) Calm Philosophical Me> sighing in exasperation and trying to calm IFM down as she relentlessly attacks CPM's tranquil introspectivness with her squealing.

    Thus why I am currently inexplicably twitching like a deranged chipmunk as my Calm Philospical me tries to squash the strange compulsion of Inner Fan Me to make me dance around the house manically in front of my clueless and dumbfounded relatives. God I …

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