hey guys, and i just read this fanon called Air by Wordbender. and my review(with spoilers):

The main story is about (i will not summerise the entire story, but just say the exciting part to get people intrested) Firelord Zuko and team avatar, who lost his son Roh-roh(Iroh the second,aka Iroh II) to some rebels or something, and he must find his son before the enimies use roh-roh against him.teaming up with TEAM AVATAR (cheers in the background) to find out where roh-roh is, while his other allies go undersover with some other friends(who i will not name) to find out where roh-roh is. but unknown to them, that a bigger danger is lurking right inside the Fire Nation Palace, and no one, and i MEAN no one, is safe.( dramatic music playing...)

the story was mesmorising. after i read it, my instant thought was: holy cows(trying not to use the forbidden language)! that was good! and the second thought: i wish i could have thought of that. the story would have made an amazing follow up to avatar the last airbender. like 10-20 episodes, maybe? now, back to the topic.

i enjoyed reading this very much, and my favourite parts were the time(spoilers) when Zuko was with Katara and Aang, with the Ember Island Players, and trying to fit in, and Zuko trying to remember his lines, it made me laugh so much that once my mom thought i had a seisure ( i laugh very easily), its chapter thirteen, and the description were great

Another one of my favourite parts that made me re-visit the chapter and read it again even though i finished the story, was the part where Lady Ursa re-discovers who she is. And the words were SO powerful that i kinda wished this is how Ursa returnes. 

also, i TOTALLY recommend it to anyone who is curious to what happens after the comics? what happens to the fire nation and ozai? and what happened to azula? and most importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO URSA? -Zuko's mom.i strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoy the tv show as much as i do.

although there were minor grammar issues, i bairly noticed them. 

even though this review is short, i probally will come back later to make it longer and more detailed. HEY! im just a new user!

okay. for the REAL rating. i would give it a 4.2 out of five

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