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  • Lightningthief9

    Then you've come to the right place!

    After reading Plasmabender's test review, I realized that if someone is confused by Darksome Knights, then others probably are as well. So, here is a small (*snicker*) guide to the worlds of Darksome Knights. Specifically, I'll be covering Kingdom Hearts, since that's what Plasmabender was confused about.

    Kingdom Hearts is a video game series by Square Enix and Disney. Because of this, most of the characters are from either Final Fantasy or Disney. The main plot revolves around Sora, a boy from a world known as Destiny Islands, who obtains a weapon called the Keyblade and journeys through worlds based on Disney movies with Donald Duck, a mage, and Goofy, a knight, looking for his friends, Riku and Kai…

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  • Lightningthief9

    Book 1 Trivia Quiz

    February 5, 2012 by Lightningthief9

    Here we go. It's here. The Darksome Knights Book One Trivia Quiz.

    The rules are simple: I post a question and the first person to answer it in the comments wins the question. Whoever gets the most questions gets this userbox.

    This user proved that they know the most about Lightningthief9's Darksome Knights by winning Lightningthief9's Book One Quiz.

    So, here's the first question:

    1. Which member of the Five Pillars does not make a appearance in A World In Ruins?-Answered by ZukoTheViper12007AvatarNo1Fan.
    2. When does The Cycle Renews take place?
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  • Lightningthief9

    Book 2 is finished!

    December 21, 2011 by Lightningthief9

    Hey fans,

    Book 2 is finally done!!! You can read the latest chapter here.

    So, like I asked with my Book 1 post, let me know what your favorite Book 2 moment was in the comments.

    Oh, and for any admins who might be reading this, I was logged out and didn't notice when I published it, so while it says it was published by a nony, it was me.

    See ya!


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  • Lightningthief9

    Hey all you DK fans out there,

    As you may know, Book One of Darksome Knights is finished. I just finished Chapter 10 a few minutes ago. If you haven't read it, check it out.

    So, I was wondering, with Book One done, what you guys thought about it. What was your favorite chapter or moment from Darksome Knights Book One? And what would you like to see in Book Two?

    Just leave a comment with your answer.


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  • Lightningthief9

    I Take It Back

    October 7, 2011 by Lightningthief9


    I looked at my last blog post and saw that a whole bunch of people commented. I read through and almost all of them were berating me, basically saying that I'll never get anyone to notice my fanons if I stop writing.

    Thanks to all of you who commented. You brought me back and yes I will write more. I'll also take your advice into account. Thanks for showing me the errors of my ways.


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