I'm posting this in my blog because here I have less criticism to fear. It's always a little difficult to feel on the same footing as everyone else when your total edits are, like, forty.

Thing is, articles on this wiki fall into a false dichotomy: Stub or A-class. There isn't any class for the other articles. According to the class system, Aang is exactly as good an article as Tribal Princess. So, the system I'd like to see:

Stub: Tiny articles. Same as now.

Start-class: Articles that, although not stubs, are still majorly undeveloped. This is often because they are based on extremely minor aspects of the show. Like Earth King and Wood Frog.

C-class: An article that is sufficiently structured, like Energybending or Bosco, but still needs expansion or revision (that is, {{needshelp}} or {{UC}}).

B-class: Articles that have no explicit problems, like Aang, but that just aren't as freaking awesome as A-class articles.

A-class: The wiki's best articles. Professional quality. Same as now.

I feel even more pedantic and Wikipedian than usual, but that is the price of progress. Say, how interested would any of you be in a Fanon AU story called "Avatar: The Last Earthbender", where the Fire Nation merged wit h the Water Tribe on a more equal footing and a hundred years later, Tribal Princess Katara finds Aang in an iceberg and eagerly tells him about the philosophy of Firebending and Waterbending being in perfect balance, and Earth a needing to be destroyed, and Airbending being a divine gift to restore Fire/Water balance to the world, and he believed it? And Katara, Azula, and Yue are Ozai's Angels with Aang's help? And Toph is a refugee from the destroyed city of Gaoling, and finds the exiled Prince Zuko in a teashop of Ba Sing Se, and they decide to save the world, and they get Mai on their team, and then without giving too much away the kids save the world?'s complicated. I've got it all planned out. Inspired heavily by Avatar: The Last Firebender and Distorted Reality.

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