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    I'm posting this in my blog because here I have less criticism to fear. It's always a little difficult to feel on the same footing as everyone else when your total edits are, like, forty.

    Thing is, articles on this wiki fall into a false dichotomy: Stub or A-class. There isn't any class for the other articles. According to the class system, Aang is exactly as good an article as Tribal Princess. So, the system I'd like to see:

    Stub: Tiny articles. Same as now.

    Start-class: Articles that, although not stubs, are still majorly undeveloped. This is often because they are based on extremely minor aspects of the show. Like Earth King and Wood Frog.

    C-class: An article that is sufficiently structured, like Energybending or Bosco, but still needs exp…

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  • Lenga-chan

    This is a letter that I'm going to send to the producers as soon as I can get my hands on a stamp... ETA: And the parents approve. This makes me very happy. They gave me some advice on the letter and address.

    To Kennedy & Marshall:

    Hi. As I’m sure you already know, you’re making a movie right now, and some fans have a problem with it. I am one of them.

    Your movie is called The Last Airbender. It is based on an animated television series called Avatar: The Last Airbender. The protagonist of this series is Aang, a young boy who hails from a culture called the “Air Nomads”, which greatly resembles the Tibetan Buddhist monks. He makes friends with Katara and Sokka, a boy and a girl with light brown skin from the Southern Water Tribe, a culture that…

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