Airspeed Prime here just as I was last year to cover SDCC for the site, again I am not at SDCC, but hopefully I can manage to compile all the info that comes out of the panel so everyone can experience it.

All of this info is from fans who are at the convention including this sites own Donna, who is tweeting during the panel. Jenny SDCC on twitter/Tumblr is doing the same as well as Hypable who did a live blog and Matt Patches on Twitter. So major thanks to all the fans who are in at the panel and are doing their best to keep everyone not at SDCC informed.

NOTE/ This post will be updated many times as more info comes out!!!

Just a funny thing I saw someone tweet, once the panel before this ended little to no people left the room and it is a huge panel room, Dedication from Korra Fans.

Panel begins with a montage of Book 1, With great music from The Track Team which ends with tremendous applause. Further confirmation of Korra now being 52 episodes and 4 books (12,14,13,13 is the Book Breakdown) 4500 People in the full panel room, with 4000 missing out on a place in the panel.

Mike and Bryan kind of “interviewing” the voice actors present (Seychelle Gabrielle, P.J.Byrne, David Faustino and Janet Varney) mainly about voicing their characters and their similarities to their characters. Seychelle says that both she and Asami overpack, , Janet loves playing an Avatar so different to Aang, David Loves playing a big hero character and P.J loves Bolin so much he would never change roles.

They start a script read from Book 1, with Voice Director Andrea Romano reading out the parts of the script that tell the actors what is happening in the scene, P.J Byrne is hilarious.

They are reading scenes from K104 “The Voice In The Night” and K105 “The Spirit Of Competition” They are now doing the scene from K108 when they prepare for their first city patrol as TEAM AVATAR and a scene from “Turning The Tides” and a scene from “Skeletons In The Closet”

BOOK 2 IS NAMED “Spirits and will take place 6 months after the end Of Book 1 They are showing artwork from Book 2, including snowy landscapes of the Southern Water Tribe during a festival, including a big hall made of Ice.

They will travel into the SWT Tundra, with bright green sky.

They will encounter a glowing iceberg similar to Aang’s from 101

They will travel back to the Southern Air Temple in Book 2

We will get spirit world action, Book 2 will explore the history of the Avatar (creation of the avatar) and The Spirit World. 2 special episodes devoted to this (I think)

Asami will take over Future Industries and Bumi and Kya will be main characters Bumi wears Pink earmuffs

The characters will all have updated winter looks for the Water Tribe We will meet Korra’s uncle Unarock (not sure if this is the correct spelling, just what someone posted) supposedly all of Korras family is BA, lol

Kya is a bit of a bippy, has a special bond with Jinora.

Bolin will wear a green parka

Mako will have a coat

We will see more of Korra’s parents, Tonraq and Senna, including flashbacks of Tonraq in his 20′s…..Shirtless, Unarok is his brother, who is posh, from the NWT. More on North Vs South issue. He has twins.

They show a spirit who is spiny and evil looking.

Pro Bending will return, they show an Animatic of The Fire Ferrets Vs The Rhino Lions

Korra is racing Jinora in Airball and uses the Avatar State to beat her which annoys Tenzin, animatic I think.

Motorcycle chase with Mako and Korra chasing some robbers.Storyboards. Mako becomes a cop in Book 2 !!!

The Fire Ferrets now consist of Bolin and 2 new teammates, which I assume makes Bolin the Captain.

Korra is attacked by a spirit and pinned down and uses the Avatar state to free herself. Storyboards

Bolin looking for his path in life.

Tonraq’s brother mentioned above is more in touch with the spirits and helps Korra with the Avatar State he is the head of the NWT, Chief I assume Bolin is friends with a guy named Verick and they have a funny relationship, as Verick is a ladies man.

They are recording the crowd in the panel for use in probending crowd scenes in Book 2

And that appears to be the end of the panel For Book 2 Bryan is focusing more on design and more writers have come in to help Mike, so basically work is being done on 2,3 and 4 as we speak in some form or other. More to follow, mainly any pics and videos that come out, updates could go on for some time.


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