Hi guys, this is my second blog post after a couple of years but here goes. Most of us already know that bending works by the use of one's own chi or life force where they use their chi to control their own respective elements, thus, one who has trained and increased his own chi can have either a wide range of influence where he can bend or become strong enough to bend their respective elements in strong or large amounts.

My theory deals with how benders fighting another with the same element could bend their enemies attacks. We have seen Katara bending Hama's water against her, Bumi crumbling a boulder into dust as it touches him, Korra block and dissipate a fire blast at her a dozen times and a lot more and it left me wondering, how come they don't block or "bend back" the elements in some cases where they could have? Me thinks that its not because they didn't think of it but because they don't want to.

We already know that for a waterbender or earthbender to bend, they must first fill the element with their own chi in order to control it and it goes deeper. Controlling water is easier because water is fluid and "soft" that's why their stances are graceful while earth is hard and firm so it is difficult control which is why earth bending features forceful and strong movements.

I'm sorry if I'm taking too long to explain but here it is, why is it because they don't want to "bend back" their opponents element? It is because me thinks that in order to bend back the same element they must first "empty" the element with their opponents chi by forcing their own chi and to control it they must again fill it with their own chi so in simple terms(this might sound funny or ridiculous) if an earthbender applies 500g of chi on a rock, in order to bend it back another earthbender must apply 500g of chi to nullify his opponent's chi, and must apply another 500g of chi in order to control it.

So with this in mind, "bending back" is a double edge sword because you lose resource than faster your opponent and I believe that chi is not an infinite resource. So what does all this crap from me mean? It all leads to bloodbending.

The main point of my theory is why is bloodbending difficult to do? Seriously, blood has 60-70% water, while mud has less than 40% yet Katara could do it with ease. It is because blood is filled with a person's own chi and in order to bloodbend you must first get rid off or nullify the chi in one person's blood and in most Chinese illustration, chi flows with the blood(Well not every vein, just the major ones.), thus, the total chi of one person flows inside or along with their blood making it very hard to bend along with the fact that person continuously regenerate chi which means one can find it hard to bloodbend without burning up one's own chi very fast... unless there is a full moon.

But what about Tarlokk and his kin? How could they bend blood without a full moon. I've got two theories for that one. A) Their lineage has a unique kind of chi where they don't need to nullify the chi in ones own blood, but because they could "bypass" the chi of the owner this kind of bending is inferior to bloodbending with a moon, that is why Korra, Mako and Avatar Aang, may his soul rest in peace wherever it is right now, could fight back to a degree. This also means that only a blood bender could fight back this kind of bending, but might only able to during a full moon.

B) Tarlokk and the other are just regular blood benders given the freedom to practice their art and thus mastering it without the aid of a full moon. This also means that the only one who could fight back is again another bloodbender or a master bloodbender.

So my theory all boils down to the question of why is bending blood even though it is mostly water, it is all because of the chi that flows along with it that makes it difficult. So what do you guys think? Are there any inconsistencies or errors in my theory? Please give me your ideas and comments but please be gentle :3

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