• Leafstorm001

    Bending Theory

    August 18, 2014 by Leafstorm001

    Hi guys, this is my second blog post after a couple of years but here goes. Most of us already know that bending works by the use of one's own chi or life force where they use their chi to control their own respective elements, thus, one who has trained and increased his own chi can have either a wide range of influence where he can bend or become strong enough to bend their respective elements in strong or large amounts.

    My theory deals with how benders fighting another with the same element could bend their enemies attacks. We have seen Katara bending Hama's water against her, Bumi crumbling a boulder into dust as it touches him, Korra block and dissipate a fire blast at her a dozen times and a lot more and it left me wondering, how come …

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  • Leafstorm001

    Air Monks Theory

    February 16, 2010 by Leafstorm001

    After watching Avatar a couple of times, I somehow noticed some things that gave me an idea that the Air Benders are not yet extinct but are in hiding. So far I have only 3 evidences:

    1. In the episode "The Swamp", a huge tornado suddenly appeared leading the Avatar and his gang to fall into the swamp. The origin of the tornado was not very clear, but I think that an air bender "guided" Aang into the swamp because what else can create a tornado out of nowhere, in a forest, surrounded by mountains.
    1. In the episode "Bitter Work", while lecturing Zuko on how to redirect lightning, Iroh mentioned that Air Benders have a great sense of humor. The questions is how can Iroh know something like that when the Air Monks went extinct 100 years ago when Ir…
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