TLA Was absolutely awful. I went to the midnight premeir with a group of friends and only one of us actually enjoyed it and she had never seen the show. Enough said. Before this movie i had some respect for M. Night Shyamalan but after seeing TLA i can no longer say that. Thank you M. Night for completely ruining what could have been a great movie. So much of the changes that were made to the story were completely unneeded, and the time that could have been used to put in the actual story line was used on 13 minute speeches and pointless montages. "we started a rebellion.."????? wtf?! When was there ever a rebellion? And why was an actress chosen for Suki if she wasn't going to be in the movie? Where was Bumi? Omashu? Zukos hair? Haru is like 8 years old???? Yue's father is dead? Everything is focused on the spirit world? EVEN THE WAR???? Where was hai bai? The name changes? All of the fire nation is muslim? WHERE IS ROKU??? Why does Appas face look like a 1000 year old man? Monk Gyatso is black?? Where were the other monks? Airbender tattoos are gained through long hours of meditation?!? WRONG. WHAT THE FUCK M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN?! YOU SUCK. I HATE YOU. MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE AND GIVE ME MY $12 BACK BECAUSE THERE WAS NO VISIBLE 3D EFFECT ACCEPT THE SNOW FLAKES!!!! THE COMMERCIALS WERE MORE ENTERTAINING.

this sucks. i am soo incredibly dissapointed i can barely think. there is so much more that i could say. but i wont because my head might blow off my shoulders. M. Night Shyamalan should never make another movie again. i don't want him to foul the eath with another disaster like Lady in the Water or (sadly) The Last Airbender. i honestly had such high hopes for this. not too high becaus i figured it would suck some, but if anything i didn't they would just flat out change the story. Fuck you Shyamalan. i hate you. i hope you get lots of hate mail and spam because of the mess you made. don't ever call yourself a fan of Avatar again. because you killed it. AHHHHHHHHHHH! sorry. i went on a rant kind of. but still. if anyone else hated the movie as much as i did, comment and we can rant together :D

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