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For those of you who consider themselves RC or RWA stalkers, this will not come as a surprise. For those who are just passersby, this will not come as a surprise either, as what we've been doing is hardly subtle and I would like to apologize for the RC flooding this has brought and will bring with it.

The Avatar Wiki houses a pretty well flourishing fanon portal with a wide variety of stories that could change someone's life after reading it. The fanon administrators and authors have worked together over the years to make the fanon portal a clean and organized place to visit and relax while reading a story. In order to keep in line with this evolution, there has been a discussion about a Fanon Categorization Guide in order to create -shocking, I know- a fanon categorization guide, so every user, old or new, will know which category goes on which page. This discussion, however, soon broadened to a discussion on general fanon layout, and after a lot of talk and compromises, a consensus was reached to change a number of things. The implementation of this checklist has undoubtedly come to your attention (unless this is the first time you visit this wiki, and then I hereby welcome you to this great community. If you have any question, feel free to drop anyone a message ^^), as their are a lot of changes and they require a lot of editing and work.

Fully aware of what a tremendous task this change is and what the limitations of bots are and the extra workload this would put on the bot-owners, it would be nice to have as much users helping out as possible. This will flood the RC of course, and for this I apologize again, but unless someone can tell me how this can be done without letting 888th and Thailog do all the work with their flagged bots, I don't see how it can be done without some flooding.

For those who are willing to help, I will list the changes that need help the most. To maximize our efficiency and to prevent having to go back a second or even a third time to the same page to add another change, it would be helpful if any user, whether you have your own fanon or not, could check each fanon page on the following and, if something were to be missing or would be incorrect, please add/remove it:

1. {{Property}}: this template should be added on the fanon main page and all the chapters. For those of you who have never added this template, the template holds seven parameters:

  • "nation": by leaving this blank or writing fire/air/water/earth/neutral/spirit (no capitals, otherwise it doesn't work), the template it colored brown/red/yellow/blue/green/purple/gray respectively.
When adding this to another person's fanon, leave it blank.
  • "image": pretty self explanatory. Don't forget to keep the pixels of your picture below the maximum of 100px, otherwise it will appear too large and bulky.
When adding this to another person's fanon, leave it blank.
  • "author": Just write the author's user name. No link marks like [[ or {{ are needed.
  • "genre": self-explanatory again. This can vary from romance, action, adventure, to whatever it is the fanon is about.
When adding this to another person's fanon, it is best to check out the main page to see the genre of the fanon the author has listed there.
  • "rating": if the author hasn't listed any rating on the main page, add G. The purpose of the rating parameter on every chapter page is that the author can list a certain chapter of a higher rating without having to bump his/her entire fanon up a rating and subsequently lose possible readers. Every reader can now see the rating of the chapter in the banner and decide whether or not it's too high to read.
  • "reviews": Never leave this blank, as it contains an automatic link to the page's comments. If you're unaware of any reviews, just add "Here", so whenever it's clicked, the reader will be directed to the comment section of the page.
  • "updates": If the author has created a "News and updates" page, you can add a link to that page by adding [[Link to the page|Here]]. If the user doesn't have an update page, then add a link to the main page of the fanon as usually the author updates that page with new information every time a new chapter comes out by adding [[Link to the main page|Here]].

2. {{Propertyother}}: this template is to be added on all fanon related pages that are not the fanon's main page or a chapter, so it should be on every character page, location page, battle, etc. This template has four parameters: "nation," "image," "author," and "series." To fill in the first three, see at the guidelines given above for the property template; to fill out the "series" parameter you add {{F|name of the main page of the fanon}}

3. {{Author}}: this template was created to meet the consensus reached on the forum linked above to remove the [user name] (fanon) category from every page except from the fanon main page. This template will be added to ALL the fanon pages of a user. If a user has a chapter template (those boxes that hold a link to all chapters/characters/whatever), this template is added right above it. To use it, simple add {{Author|user name}}.
If the fanon is written by two users, the usage is {{Author|user name|other user name}}.

4. Chapter categorization: each chapter page should have the following categories:

  • A to Z (fanon)|[Chapter title]
  • [Fanon title] chapters (fanon)

Other categories should be removed of the page.

We are aware of the chaos this change will have as people will be adding things to random fanons without a way to keep track of which pages have already been checked. For this reason, I suggest that we create a forum or something where every user that has checked a fanon completely (the means every page that has some relevance to the fanon, being the main page, the chapters, characters, locations, ...) on the four points I listed above, can list this fanon as done, so other will know that they no longer need to check that page. If someone has a another idea of how we can keep track of things, please let us know quickly by commenting below.

If you still have any questions, done hesitate to comment below, message me or any other fanon administrator directly, or post a message on the fanon administrator noticeboard.

I thank you all for your cooperation and I hope that we will be done quick so the fanon portal will be a few strides closer to being a harmonized unit.

Happy editing all!

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