Due to lack of something as a "reposting" you can do on Twitter or Tumblr or whatever, I am going to go with a good old fashioned "copy and paste". The original message can be found here, and it was brought to our attention by Omnibender here, though I figured it could use some more direct visibility, hence the re-blogging of the entire statement.

Flamio, Hotmen! It’s Maggie here with our first editorial of the summer season as we wait for the arrival of San Diego Comic Con, the biggest news day of the year for all ATLA/LOK fans. As announced a few days ago, we will be posting editorials every weekend till that event, just to tide us over till then. Today’s editorial was written by yours truly —

Almost on a daily basis, I see posts on all forms of social media blaming either Mike and Bryan or Nickelodeon for us not having season two. I roll my eyes every time I see this, but I know it’s happening because people aren’t considering the facts, or are just ignorant, of animation.

The first phase of animating is pre-production. This involves drawing up storyboards, finalizing scenes and camera angles, and polishing the script. New characters are designed in model sheets, showing their physical and aesthetic design from multiple angles. Animatics are also made to streamline high-action scenes, which LOK has plenty of.

The second phase is production. This includes modeling, which is creating models of structures seen in the animation, such as cars, buildings, animals, etc. Voice acting is also done in this stage before full-on animation is started (Keep in mind they are now in this stage for season 3 and possibly season 4). Then there is the process of texturing, lighting, and animation.

Then you have post-production, which involves sound editing, foley, color correction, and finding anything that needs to be reanimated (which takes lots of time to do, as some of you know from Bryan’s constant mentions of it on his Tumblr). This is the phase LOK is in now for some of the later episodes of the season. Once all this is done, the studio then goes into marketing the show to the viewers, which it seems Nickelodeon is in the very early stages of doing for season 2.

Did you know it takes 6-9 months to fully produce one thirty minute episode? I repeat – ONE EPISODE.

However, another thing to consider is the fact that book one of LOK was all there was originally meant to be. That was it. Zilch. No more. But then Nickelodeon asked for three more seasons, which we learned about July 2012, almost a year ago. Your average, animated television show begins the production of a season while a previous season is airing, but LOK didn’t have this opportunity.

Instead of us waiting for a season to be completed and marketed in the standard time frame, we get to wait the full production time. 6-9 months is one episode, while Bryke has been working on fourteen. Do the math. Not to mention, they are doing all this along with producing books 3 and 4, giving us shorter wait times for those seasons.

All in all, it’s not Mike and Bryan’s fault. It’s not Nickelodeon’s fault. It’s no one’s fault. It just happens to take a long time, and people are hounding those who have no control over it. Be happy that we’re getting season two when we’re going to get it, which is later this year, because it could be a lot worse.

Thanks for reading! I also want to let you know that we now have an email address used just for our news team! If you would like to send us an email, send it to

There you have it folks, a more than decent explanation as to why Book Two hasn't aired yet. Once again for referencing sake, the original message can be found here.

Alright, that was it. Please don't fret about this, there is nothing we can do about it anyway, so lets just all enjoy doing something else ^^.

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