Hey everybody. This is Kyoshidude trialling for a spot in the Fanon Fact Finders group. I have done a trial interview on Iceland77's newly created fanon 'The Journeys of a Broken Dragon.' This fanon follows Azula and her experiences after the events of A:TLA.

The interview

I have seen many fanons about the Avatar preceeding Aang or Korra, and even fanons following the Gaang. What made you decide to write about Azula instead?

The reason I decided I wanted to write about Azula is because she is a character with potential to have any kind of story. I wanted to show my version. (:

I know you can't spoil too much, but will Azula get a visit from any of the A:TLA characters? I am just dying to see how they treat her.

Oh she definitely will. I'm not exactly sure when, but I assure you there will be interesting encounters.

Do you have an idea of where this fanon is going? Again, I know you don't want to spoil much, but wll there be any love interests or a major conflict?

Well, the conflict is within herself, due to the fact that when atla ended, she was confused. And love interests....well, we will have to see.(: But yes, she is ultimately looking for herself throughout the story, if it makes sense.

Your writing is quite emotive. Was it hard to tap into Azula's psyche and bring forth her emotions?

I'm that kind of writer. (: And actually, it came to me as I was writing, and I'm not trying to make myself better then I am. But honestly, I can do these kinds of stories, more then another kind.

Although this fanon only has a prologue, are you happy with the reception it has recieved? Where do you hope it will go in terms of popularity?

Yes, I am very surprised(good surprised) at the reception, even if it isn't too much yet. I'm waiting for The Ultimate Waterbender to come out with chapter one, but I'm hoping for quite a few people to know about the fanon. In due time.(:

You have also made a name for yourself in the editing aspect of this wiki too. Which, out of creating your own or helping other fanons, do you prefer?

Oh, I'm not so sure if I have exactly gne too far. And wowzie, interesting question. As much as I enjoy writing my own stories, I also do enjoy reading other people's and helping them out as well. So I'm going to take the cheesy way out and say I can't really decide! lol.

For a fun one, what bending would you love to have and why?

Which bending? Hm.... I would have to say Airbending. People would argue that it's stupid, but I think being able to control the stuff you breathe, where can you go wrong?(:

From the response your fanon has gotten, what can you say to any hopefuls out there trying to start up their own fanon?

Well, for future fanon writers, I would say to not worry about any reception you may recieve and of be proud of your writing, even if it gets moved to your user space. Everyone who writes fanon has creativity and potential and you shouldn't doubt yourself. However, don't be too strong headed as to totally refuse any advice given. (=


Just a thanks to Iceland77 for taking the time to do this trial interview. And a thank you to the Fanon Fact Finders group for considering my membership.

And make sure you read the fanon because it is really good!

You're friendly neighbourhood Spiderman: Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

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