Well. I'm sure everyone does it - sees their fanon like an actual TV show. I know I do - so why not treat it like one? Haha....Yes, it is lame, and pointless, but it's fun for me. :p

Voiceover (VO): Before Avatar Aang

  • Aang is seen airbending*

And Avatar Roku

  • Roku is seen firebending*

Came an entirely different Avatar

  • Kyoshi (seen only from the waste down) lands on the ground in an underground arena*

Facing the worlds largest enemy.

  • The Dai Lee fight with Kyoshi and Momzen in Lake Laogai* *Ba Sing Se is seen* Nero (VO): The Earth State’s one priority is expanding.
  • Nero and Kyoshi are on stage in front of a crowd and Nero is holding up Kyoshi's arm. There is cheering.* Nero: A new era of peace is here!
  • Kyoshi is in the Avatar State surrounded by dust and gravel* Nero (VO): Our salvation!
  • A long shot of the magnificent Ba Sing Se* Nero (VO): Our Avatar!
  • Kyoshi is looking out to the fields* Nero (VO): Avatar Kyoshi!

Before she can master all four elements...

  • Kyoshi is in the desert trying to contain a large plume of fire*

Kyoshi has to learn what it truly means to be the Avatar.

Kyoshi: I can't do it! *She kicks a fallen branch*

  • Bako is laughing hysterically* Bako: You must be the worst Avatar ever!

Kuruk: I'm afraid it's not that easy.

  • Astrid and her Dai Lee agents have surrounded Momzen and Kyoshi* Astrid (VO) The Avatar that cannot bend...I like our odds.
  • Kyoshi is in a battle position in a forest* Kyoshi: You don't know who you're up against. *Kyoshi charges forward*

The Kyoshi Chronicles. Book One: Earth

  • Kyoshi is lying down in the desert at night* Kyoshi: I don't think we'll ever escape the Earth State. *Bako rolls over to face her* Bako: You're the'll happen.
  • Over black Kyoshi is heard screaming painfully*

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