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The History Behind Kyoshi

Kyoshi trains the Dai Li

So. I am Kyoshidude. And I am currently writing a fanon about Avatar Kyoshi. In it you will learn of Kyoshi's past and of the troubles back in her day - when the bendings where divided into four states (rather than Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation etc). And! We have a whole new bad guy - the Earth State, which is hard for Kyoshi because she is an earthbender originally.

I was always interested as to how the Earth Kingdom go all that land in A:TLA...So, my fanon makes sense for that. :)

Anyway! I hope you like it. The first few chapter may not be so AAAHHHH intense! seeing as it's the beginning of her epic. But, I ASSURE YOU, I have done detailed chapter plans for every chapter of all five books - it gets intenser and intenser (but I'll let you decide if you like my stuff).

So subsribe and comment. And enjoy :)

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