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So, ages ago I had been chatting with Jtwin1 for a while about his new fanon Avatar: Neo Revolution and I thought, why not do it like a sort of interview. Anyway, I lost it deep in all the files on my computer. After becoming a member of the fanon fact finders I found it! So I thought I'd reformat it and post it here.

In jtwin1’s Avatar: Neo Revolution, the world – set four generations after Korra – is in disarray. Crime and corruption has risen while spirituality and tradition have all but disappeared. A deserted dusty area called the Wasteland spreads continuously as poverty etc. spreads; meanwhile a mysterious and powerful organisation is set on destroying the Avatar to gain an upper hand on the world’s politics. And, to top it all off, no one knows who the Avatar is – it’s a toss up between two waterbending boys called Dover and Sedgley. With basically a whole new world and set of characters there’s a lot to take in. Thank Avatar for this interview!


1) This world is set so far in the future, yet all of the places we’ve seen so far aren’t very futuristic at all. Why is this, and why so far in the future?

Well, areas are so different technologically and economically due to the poor distribution of wealth in this new time. On one hand there is the metropolis – Haven – and then there are little, agrarian towns like Gao Lin. Resources have been plundered by cities and nations, leaving very little for the other towns. Basically, some places just can’t afford the new, swish technology. I wanted to set it far off in time so I could basically make a world of my own. Of course there are references to Republic city, Ba Sing Se and other places we know, but it is mostly all new – it allows a lot of flexibility with the story-telling. Although there is always some explaining to do. Climate change and desertification is a big factor. For example, if this story were set in A:TLA, the main characters’ hometown would be dry and hot but, due to climate change, it is now wet and cold.

2) The writing is very eloquent. You seem to set scenes very well. Is there a method you use?

Wow! Biggest compliment, thanks! A method? Well, I just make sure there is a clear picture in my head before I write anything down. I also try to relate more senses to the description. There is part in Chapter 3 that I really love. I describe being in complete darkness using all five senses. That section is a pride and joy of mine, hehehe!

3) There have been some fairly dark themes presented (e.g. suicide). Will the fanon have on overall dark nature?

Yeah, I was afraid the whole suicide thing would seem too dark and I really don’t want to seem like those weird, emo writers. It seemed like the only option for me though. The setting, and the state of the world, is very dark so it would seem that there is a dire need for the Avatar to fix things. There are other ‘dark’ things coming up, but I try to write touching/endearing/funny parts to break up the tension or whatever you want to call it haha. I suppose the worse things get, the better we feel when it gets better (if it does).

4) The Clandestines (bad guys for those of you unaware) are an ambiguous group. Is there reasoning behind this or will we eventually see more of them?

We will see more of them. More so in the latter part of the book and Book 2. They remain ambiguous mainly because the whole theme of the first book is all these unanswered questions. Who are these Clandestines? Who is the Avatar? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?! hehe… -_-


1) Firstly, why have two boys each possibly being the Avatar?

Well, as lame as it sounds, me and my friend were high and were imagining this whole Avatar scenario (which I evolved in secret to form this fanon mwahaha!) and both of us wanted to be the Avatar. So that kind of sparked it. There are hints throughout the story, but basically each of them has Avatarish traits and it keeps swaying back and forth between, “It’s him” “No, it’s him!” “Gah, whaddahell!” I guess I did it to keep tension.

2) There seem to be three main characters: Dover, Sedgley (the Avatar dudes) and Erik. Why delve into his story as well?

I’m not too sure really… Each character needs some development and I like Erik. He’s this weedy, nervous kid with a bowl-haircut and he can’t bend any elements. I guess he’s the comic relief. I try to write a bit of everyone’s feelings, I guess writing internal struggles is my hardest task – I’m NOT the best at it I think. All the kids are meant to be main characters.

3) Anurna too?


4) What’s her story? Right now she is also ambiguous. That seems to be a running thing!

Yes! Again, another question is, “Can we trust her.” I can’t reveal much because I don’t want to ruin ‘my fans’ reading (T_T) but she helps them. Gotta love me mah sassy firebender!

5) Indeed! Last question for this section. I noticed some airbending characters – a whole troupe in fact! Are there many airbenders these days?

Yes. A lot more! All of Aang’s children have the possibility of producing an airbending child (they carry the airbending gene I suppose). I did the math; if all of Aang’s grand-children each had two children, then they had two children etc etc… there’d be over 12,000 people in the world with a chance of being airbenders by the time Dover and Sedgley were born. Nerdy yes, but plausible? Also yes. If you tilt your head and squint your eyes haha

Just For Fun

1) If you could be any type of bender, what would it be and why?

Ooh, ooh, a waterbender! Mainly because there are so many subsets – ice, plants, blood – and I could do so many things. However I’m coming up with all these other inventive ways that earthbending, airbending and firebending have evolved in my story, so… Anything would be fine. JUST LET ME BEND!

2) What character from A:TLA or LoK would you like to spend a day with and why?

Someone fun. Meelo’s hilarious but seems too much of a handful. Sokka seems like the appropriate choice. Our brains, brawns and funny sides would make an awesome combination! We’d hit it off so much he’d introduce me to the rest of the Gaang. Muahahaha!

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