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This is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude here for another interview as part of the Fanon Fact Finders. Another apology to Swampbender55 for the delays, you waited so patiently. This fanon, Trials of Tahno, follows the life - I emphasise life - of Tahno. We go from teenagedom, to adulthood, to parenthood in this fanon; which I think is pretty original. But enough on what I think, let's get what I want answered, well, answered!


1)Why Tahno?

Tahno has always been a fascinating character to me despite the few appearances he made in the show. I've always liked his character type: arrogant, narcissistic, a self-proclaimed lady's man and I always got the feeling that there was more to him than he revealed to others. And I've always been fond of Water Tribe characters.

2)Between each chapter we skip days, months even half a decade ahead. Why did you choose do this?

I wanted to take a different approach to this story that would span over an extended period of time. I wanted to tell Tahno's life story as well as show how several other characters have changed over the years. I wanted to show the characters in several different stages of their lives and to see exactly where they'd be, where the experiences in their lives had brought them and what they had accomplished.

3)Can we assume that nothing significant happens during these skipped periods or will we ever flashback to them?

In retrospect I think more flashbacks would have been a good way to fill in the gaps but I never really got around to doing most of them, though I did manage to fit two into the story. But I do think that there were some very important events that occurred in those time spans.

4)It seems triads and gang warfare are important in this fanon. Can the readers expect a big war? What can you give away in terms of action because, in my opinion, you write it very nicely and it would be good to see some more.

Yes, the Triads were an aspect of the show that I really wanted to touch upon, especially the Red Monsoons. The readers can expect much more action in the coming chapters as we move toward the ending. One thing I will say: The Red Monsoons really hold a grudge, one member in particular.

5)Did you always intend for Korra to [SPOILER] die?

No, it wasn't always my intention. I wanted to add an element of sadness into that part of the story. I brainstormed over it for a while and after a few tries I just found this to be what I saw as the natural progression of the fanon. Also, at the time I was writing, I thought a lot about my grandfather, who passed away around that time two years ago. We all at one time have lost someone close to us and I wanted to convey that in the story and show how different people deal with it. Some deal with it by remembering the good times they shared with that one, others, like Tahno in the fanon, find it hard to let go and can't seem to move on with their lives.


6)This fanon has a ton of recurring characters. Is it hard to keep track of them all, their ages and what they’ve done over the years?

I did find it hard to keep track sometimes of all the cast. On occasion I found myself having to go back two or three chapters to make sure what characters were where and what they did so no one got left out.

7)Was it fun to make, and write, the characters from LoK adults?

Yeah, I always like the idea of the cast as adults and see what path they had chosen for themselves. To me, that's when you have the most leeway to interpret the characters while still keeping true to the character's personalities and seeing how they have developed over the years.

8)Why did you decide to put Tahno and Korra together?

I always thought the dynamic between the two was hilarious and I thought that putting the two in this environment would translate well into a fanon.

9)Will ever see how [SPOILER] Mako felt about Korra choosing Tahno? And his reaction to her death? They were a couple with depth – will you ever explore his point of view?

Sadly I never quite got the chance to go into too much depth with that particular aspect. As I went on it just seemed increasingly hard to fit it in when I began introducing new characters. That was the one mistake I made when writing this.

10)Jinora and Ikki seemed to have matured a lot as the fanon progressed. What can you say about Meelo?

Meelo I see as maturing as well but in a different way. As he gets older he'll take his Air Nomad status and responsibilities seriously, though when he has time to himself is still wild and crazy.

The Wiki

11)This fanon doesn’t have many readers – which is a shame because the story is great and keeps you interested all the way through. What are your thoughts on this?

Yes, I would like more readers, but the way I see it is that there are a lot of extremely good fanons on the wiki so it may be hard to commit time to reading them all. Maybe in time though, I may get more people to read the story and let me know what they think about it.

Just For Fun

12)If you could be in any triad which one would you pick and why?

I would definitely pick the Red Monsoons because water is my favorite element. Also the name of the gang sounds really intense and interesting. You know Triple Threats get their name from having all three major bending types and the Agni Kais of course are made of all firebenders, but I wonder wear the Monsoons derive their name.

13)Would you rather be a pro-bender and train and battle in the arena or live on Air Bending Island and train to become and acolyte?

Oh, that's tough but if I had to choose I would say acolyte because i've always found living simple and helping to preserve a way of life is more rewarding than the brief time in the limelight that pro-bending offers, similar to real life. The crowd loves you today, then tomorrow you're yesterday's news.

And there you have it everyone! Make sure to check out the fanon and tell Swampbender55 what you think. This was Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs), signing out!

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