Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

This is your friendly neighboourhood Spiderman Kyoshidude on after weeks of study! WOO! FINISHED! Anyway. Today I am interviewing Snip101 on their oneshot 'The Death of Her Savior' which is part of the collection 'Tales of the Earth Kingdom.' LET'S DO THIS!


1) What made you decide to write a one-shot?

Well, I think I chose to write a one-shot, and I think I can say this for most people, because there's no commitment needed. Not a single ounce of it.

2) It says that 'The Death of Her Savior' is part of the 'Tales of the Earth Kingdom.' Does this mean we can expect more one-shots - or maybe pre/sequels of this one?

Umm... Yes, you can. I love the Earth Kingdom, I love everything about it. Most people don't understand how bad I would love to live there, so I express my feelings for it in one-shots. In my future chapters, the story will be based off of adventures I would like to go on there.

3) Why did you not use any dialogue? Was it for dramatic purposes?

I didn't use dialouge because dialouge could be the reason why you don't get an award, or why you don't get a good review. It's some thing that takes a lot of thought and planning and most authors don't realize that. I guess I did do it for dramtic purposes, too.


4) Is this girl Toph? It could be the beginning of Toph's relationship with Badgermoles.

No, the girl isn't Toph. I never gave her a name, I think since it's a one-shot you shouldn't have to go in depth with things like names (escpecially since she's the only character).

5) What do you like more, Platypuss Bears or Badgermoles?

Although I made the Platypuss Bear the villian, I like it more. The body, the blend of fauna, the ruthlessness, they all give me reasons to like the bear better than the mole.

6) Why did you only include one human character?

Since it's a short story, I didn't need to be too specific. Also, multiple human characters wouldn't give the same effect.

The Wiki

7) As part of the Fanon Fact Finders, how do you think that will effect your fanon?

I don't think it would effect my fanon much. Being a Fact Finder is just a title, nothing more. Does it mean that I'm a little bit more inclined in a writing sense? Sure it does. But it's not enough to effect my series.

8) What is your favourtie part of the wiki?

My favorite part of the wiki is the hospitality. Moments after I joined I was greeted on my message wall and made a new friend (King Bumi's Heir). No one was really rude to me when I asked dumb questions and everyone was so nice on the IRC.

Just For Fun

9) If you could have any Avatar World animal as a pet, what would it be a why?

It would be a pygmi puma (I know that's not how you spell it but I like how i spell it). For some odd reason that animal sticks outto me. Maybe beacuase its appearance in Tales of Ba Sing Se, maybe not. It's one of those things you can't explain.

10) If Nickelodeon made a fanon into an actual TV show, which fanon would you like to see be made into a show and why?

I would like to see Dancing Shadows put on television. The freedom that the children has intrigues me, especially Wei's adult-like actions (her drinking and bar-fighting). The action is amazing and I could not stop reading the series. The comedic, dramtic and action elements were blended together wonderfully, wonderful enough to be put on television.

And there you have it! Snip101, hopefully we'll see you writing more soon. And welcome to the FFF. If you, yeah you, want an interview too, check out the Fanon Fact Finders page. See ya'llKyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

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