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This is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude here for his first interview of the new year. And what a good way to start by reading Aikia: Illuminated by PracticalPabu. Let's get this interview underway!


1) Where did the idea of lightbending come from and how exactly does the discipline work?

Hmm ... To be honest, I don't really remember where the idea came from. I have always been kind of fascinated by light and shadows, one of which the reasons is that my real name means light, so I guess that's where it stemmed off from. The discipline is pretty simple: Aika, when she was young, never succeded at firebending. Like Aang, but worse. She studied airbending techniques for a long time, and by combining heat with an illusion-like substance, plus her awesome Aika talents, was able to begin to control, and eventually make, light.

2)Can you give us (the fans) any spoilers on the whole disappearing people story?

Well, not really, but if you really pay attention to what Akihiko said in the last chapter (8) and think about it really hard, you might be able to come up with the same suspect behind it all that Aika will very soon. Hint: just think about the royal family.

3) Hmm....I'll get thinking. And how does Wen’s storyline fit into the bigger arc?

As Aika said earlier in the story to The Stomach Monster, Wen is kind of in danger of becoming a somewhat forgotten child like Akihiko or Aika. She does play a key part that will be revealed, and due to Aika's motherly-yet-sisterly relations to her, Wen is kind of Aika's weakness.

4)What is the hardest part when writing this fanon and which parts do you love writing?

Probably the hardest part would be, sadly, the happier scenes coming up. I'm going through a sort of mood-swing time in my life right now, and it will be hard for me to get into a joyful mood in order to write those scenes as best I can. The parts I love writing the most are probably the flashbacks. I feel that when you write flashbacks, whether they appear in chapters or not, they can give you a better sense of who your character is. Plus, I love writing young Aika.


5)I’m hoping Aika and Zhengzheng will become something. Will that ever come into fruition?

I can't really say, but I can confirm that Zhengzhen does have feelings for her and the two will go on a date, whether Aika wants to or not.

6)Haha! I can't wait. But moving to something a bit hard to swallow - get it? The Stomach Monster is an interesting character. Is it a spirit? How did Aika and the monster come to be one? Will we ever see it non-stomachy? SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS MONSTER!!!

I think it's safe to say that it will never be seen non-stomachy. The Stomach Monster is, in some ways, very supernatural and like a spirit. I like to think of it as a conscience gone crazy: one that actually talks to you and can influence your behaviors. So, yeah, kind of like a personal spirit guide. Let's just say the thing is connected to Aika's illuminating. Refer to the prologue if you want to make assumptions.

7)The family is big. Very big. Is it hard keeping track of who is doing what when you’re writing?

Not really. The only problem I come across is if I can't remember that person's background, or Raiden and Jiro's mom's name. My laptop broke down a while ago and now my family graph is lost. :( Actually, the family used to just be Raiden, Jiro, Akihiko, Aika, and Wenqian, before I really got into the story.

8)Jeez! A whole graph! That's dedication. My final question for this section: is Aika based on anyone you know?

Aika isn't really based off of anyone, but her snarkiness reminds me of my friend, and her smarts of my brother.

The Wiki

9)This fanon has received fanonbending status. Congratulations. You must have been thrilled. Any words about that?

Yeah, I was pretty happy. :D My one thing in my life that I love the most to do and am really touchy about is writing, so to know just that people enjoy my works makes my day.

10)This wiki has many different fanons. What are your favourite types of fanons or what is a fanon you want to see be done?

Well, to me, I have certain genres I don't like, but what really makes a story for me is the effort, quality, and confidence somebody puts into their story. As for what I would like to see written, I have no idea. Inspiration usually doesn't work out for me. Aika had been in progress for two years before I really decided, "Hey, this is starting to get really thought out." When I do get inapiration, it's too overwhelming and I can't put it down before I get another idea. So, I guess it's up to the other fanon-writers.

Just For Fun

11)If you could pick any fanon to be made into a proper TV series, which fanon would you choose and why? (hint: pick me. Haha)

Right now, I'm not following any fanons. Sorry. :(

12)No need for apologies, we've all got our real lives to tend to. Finally, which type of bender do you want to be the most and why? A lightbender?

Ah hum ... Knowing myself, I'd probably end up a non-bender or a waterbender who can't even control a snowflake (I'm pretty wimpy). I'd either choose for myself an airbender or, yeah, lightbender.

Unfortnuately that is all. If you want more be sure to check out the fanon, maybe subscribe, or atleast throw down some compliments - Pabu definitely deserves praise! If you, yeah you, want an interview too, check out the Fanon Fact Finders page. See ya'll

This was Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

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