Hello young and old, this is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude signing in here after SO LONG! A big sorry to Omashu Rocks for the delay, and a thank you to his great patience. Let's get this started. First off, Avatar Brek is - for use of a better word - superb. The writing is good, the ideas have flair and creativity and the characters are just swell - and the fanon is completed, a rare achievement in itself. Naturally I had some questions about the great fanon and the great wikian.


1)This story takes place after the events of LoK, which, in my personal opinion, gives a lot of leeway into story possibilities. Was writing this fanon fun for you?

Writing Avatar Brek was really fun but if anything, the fact that it took place after LOK actually made it harder. One thing I didn't feel comfortable putting in fanon was all the advanced technology we see in Republic City in Korra's time. I prefer what they had prior to the Day of Black Sun. Regardless, I managed to work my way around it.

2)The writing in this is wonderful. What do you find hardest to write?

Other than including technology, what I found most difficult to write about was Brek and Berani's relationship. I can't stand any of that gushy goo stuff or all that drama between Aang and Katara or Korra and Mako. Can't do it. I also struggled a bit in pacing the development of their relationship..

3)Some may say the story in this fanon is just the opposite of LoK, where instead of anti-benderism you have anti-non-benderism. Were you nervous about this at the early stages of your writing?

When I learned about the equalist anti-benderism in LOK, I simply decided that the Isha anti-non bender movement could be a reaction to it. That's why Onjing states that Republic City is the place where this all began. I wasn't particularly concerned if that would hold up with the readers.


4)Many fanons on this wiki, or so I’ve seen, follow characters in the Great War or regular benders during/after the events of LoK. What made you decide to write about the next Avatar? And why the Avatar immediately after Korra?

The reason I chose not to use characters from A:TLA is because of the failure that was my first fanon, Avatar: The Flaming Stone. I'll admit, the writing was poor and and the plot was over-used and slow. Either way, I thought that something new would get a more positive reception. The reason I chose the Avatar after Korra was simply my love for the Earth Kingdom and Earthbending..

5)Your main antagonist Onjing won best villain. Why do you think he won this?

I think Onjing was so popular not only because if his raw power, but because we always learned something new about him or his background. Yes, he would fly around and suffocate non-benders, but as the story progressed, he also started to showcase supernatural abilities like sensing the death or fear, locating Brek, reading Kimma's mind, etc. I believe it also helped that even with all this power, he was still under the tight control of a superior being, and only the readers knew what a coward he really was.

6)Seeing as this fanon is completed, have you fallen in love with your characters? Who will you miss the most?

I'm going to miss Kimma the most. A lot of people have pointed out that she's similar to Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter, and I'm really going to miss her twisted mind and her wickedness. It was really fun to write for a villain who laughed at death and found misery amusing.

The Wiki

7)You are an active member of this wiki, and well known for your work in the Fanon Review Squad. What do you love most about the review system?

The review system is a way for wikians to find a good fanon to read that sounds appealing to them personally. Instead of going off of what they heard on the IRC or checking out random fanons, they have a place where they can read detailed review critiquing each fanon's action, development, writing, believability, plot, creativity and aspects.

8)Your fanon has received immense praise and positive reception. However, are there any regrets you have about Avatar Brek regarding writing, reception, concepts or characters and their development?

One thing I regret about Avatar Brek is not doing as much pre-planning as I should have. Fans of mine may wonder where Pumi, Brek's pet, was in the last few chapters. Well to be perfectly honest, I forgot about him.

9)How does it feel to finish a project as big as a fanon?

It's a bitter-sweet feeling, really. I'm really excited to move on to my next projects and fanon adventures, but of course I'll miss the tale of Brek and his friends and how they saved the world from the Isha.

Just for Fun

10)If you could spend any day with only one characters from the Avatar series, who would it be and why?

I'd probably chill with Sokka because I can see myself getting along with him better than the others. I'm not sure I could handle 5 minutes of Katara's hope speeches.

11)About your new fanons The House of Angkara and Political Animals, can we get some spoilers? :)

Spoilers? Hmm… I'll say this about Political Animals, if you can figure out what real-life people and things I've used to inspire certain parts of my fanon, you'll be able to predict certain events. It shouldn't be too hard, but that's coming from a political junkie like me.

12)Do you have anything to say to any aspiring authors or editors out there?

I'm pretty used to giving fanon advice now after being on the Fanon Review Squad for such a long time, so here I go… DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED… EVER! If your first three chapters don't get any comments, that's not a good reason to give up. It takes a long time for fanons to get discovered, and the best thing you can do is to keep making each chapter better than the last. How can you do that? Go above and beyond in every paragraph. Don't just have action, have emotional battle scenes where the writer feels the pain of your characters. Don't just have a perfect storybook romance, because those don't exist. Take your readers for a ride and keep 'em on the edge of their seats. Throw in a cliffhanger every now and then and use a thesaurus when you’re writing.

Well that's pretty much it. If any of you guys have any questions about the fanon, ask Omashu Rocks himself. I definitely suggest reading Avatar Brek, or at least check it out. This is Kyoshidude signing out! Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

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