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Yo yo avid readers!.....? What was that...?I'm sorry about that.....Anyway.....Recently I had the pleasure of reading Jacob13Kyle's fanon called 'The Saga of Kento'. This fanon is set a few years after Ozai's defeat (and death, as the author chose) and follows the younger brother of Katara and Sokka, Kento. Though with only 3 chapters I was not disappointed. The writing is nice, the development is done just right - not too much, not too little. And it is very similar to 'Firefly' - a show I, and I'm guessing Jacob13Kyle too, just love. BORWNCOATS YEAH! Anywho, let's go!


1) It seems you put a lot of planning into this fanon, what with the whole backstory of the war and the splitting of nations. Was this hard for you to map out?

It was a little rocky at the beginning, considering the various locations and characters. But the plot line itself was always there. I decided early on that I didn't want the story about everything being happy after the Hundred Year War and created a more chaotic setting that history has shown us to be common after a long war.

2) Right from the get go, without seeing it mentioned in the trivia, I got the biggest (and greatest) Firefly-vibe from this fanon. Great show to draw inspiration from! I just love that show! But did you draw any inspiration from any other shows?

Ha Ha! A fellow browncoat! Yes, other shows and pieces of work were drawn from aside from A:TLA. Dutch, who was introduced in just this most recent chapter, was inspired by a character in the movie Wyatt Earp. Even real life locations and events inspired the story. Pat To, the village that Kento and Spree stop in during chapter four and five, was named after a hill in Vietnam. The Winter Deadlock, the battle at the very beginning of the series, was inspired by World War 1.

3) This fanon starts from Ozai’s airship attack, meaning the events prior to this occurred as per usual. Can we assume Kento went on the journey with Katara and Sokka as part of team Avatar? What was he doing while Aang was learning all the element?

Kento got the short end of the stick when it came to the events The Last Airbender. He got left behind to watch the village and train in waterbending when Pakku arrived from the Northern Watertribe.

4) Will Katara and Sokka, or any of the Team Avatar characters, make a return? If so, what can you spoil for us?

Yes! They will! All of them will make an appearance atleast once. Lets just say that the old flintlock weapons won't be around for long with Sokka's inventive skill.

5) Purely out of curiosity, but will there be any spirits/spirit world in this fanon?

I highly doubt it. Kento is not exactly the kind of person to believe in spirits, or even focus on the spirit world.


6) Kento is the younger brother of Katara and Sokka, but he seems very mature. Is he presently sixteen? And what are the reasons for his maturity other than his contribution to the war?

Kento is currently seventeen years old. Aside from combat experiance, it was stepping up and taking on responsibility in the southern watertribe and the loss of his mother that had him grow up so fast.

7) Spree is the possible love interest I’m assuming. Maybe a mix between Zoe and Inara, haha. Is she at all related to someone from Team Avatar or is she purely original?

Oh ho, Spree is definitely more Zoe then Inaria. I created Spree to be a companion to Kento, someone who understood the local culture even more then he did, and to do that I had to make her totally original.

8) Also, is she a bender of any kind? And if so, is she any good?

Spree is an earthbender, and a very skilled one at that. She could go toe to toe with Toph and last far longer then anyone else would. Also she is skilled in using a blacksmithing hammer in combat as well.

9) Is there a major antagonist you can shed any light on?

The Fire Nation, and by extention Fire Lady Azula, are the main antagonests. Lets just say that the cease fire won't last very long with her in charge.

10) Will crazy-ass Azula make an appearance? How major will she be in this fanon?

As i mentioned above, Azula managed to become Fire Lady, even though she is mentally unstable. Her role will be similar to Ozai's was in the original series.

The Wiki

11) What is your favourite part about writing Avatar fanon?

I would have to say writing about bending. Bending and all its abilities has fascinated me for a long time, and I absolutely loved writing about it.

Just For Fun

12) Which universe/time period would you rather live in, the Avatar universe or the Firefly time period?

Ooh, thats a tough one. I guess I'd have to go with Firefly. The Avatar Universe is tempting, manly with the advancements in Legend of Korra, but no amount of bending can beat Serenity and Malcom Reynolds' personality.

And that just about does it. Subscribe me, please! If anyone had any other questions, ask J13K himself! This was Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs), signing out!

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