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This is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude here for another interview as part of the Fanon Fact Finders. This weeks fanon (or rather, one-shot) I had the pleasure of finding facts from is Colours by Fruitpit. Colours is a one-shot about, well, colour. It shows a softer side of Toph as Aang tries to describe colours to her. Using sensory stimulations other than sight to describe colours, Fruitpit's one-shot is quite poetic. But enough rambling! Let's get to the interview!


1) Why did you decide to write about something so tender as blindness?

Well, I had been reading a lot of stories about Katara healing Toph so she could see, or going into the Spirit World, and I really wanted to write my own. The only problem was I didn't want to copy anyone else's story. Then I started thinking, well how can you explain something that is virtually unexplainable to someone who had no points of reference.

2) One-shots are becoming more and more popular. How do you, personally, come up with stories? Is there a formula for writing one-shots?

I just get an idea in my head, and I write it down. The actual process from thinking of itto publishing can take up to a few weeks. Colours took me over a month, because while I had the idea, I had no idea how to write it and do it justice

3) The way you depict colours is using other senses such as smell and touch - which I think is very impressive. Was it hard to describe colours to someone who was blind, or did it come naturally?

It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy, either. I had to think of things that would be memorable, that Toph would know and understand. I knew I couldn't just describe green as being a yellowy blue, I had to use Toph's senses.

4) What was the hardest colour for you to write?

Green, by far. I had the idea to use plants, but I wanted to make it extra special, because I thought that's what Aang would do. He knows that Toph is from the Earth Kingdom, her eyes are green, all her clothes. Even earthbending is a greeny kind of bending. I think he would want to explain that one the most, so I had to put more effort into describing it


5) Toph is very tender in this one-shot, a side we never saw much of in A:TLA. What are your views on keeping original characters and their personalities canon?

I try to keep them canon, but I also like exploring aspect of their personality that we don't really see much. I think because Toph has never had a chance to see, this would be a tender subject. I also think its delicate because she's never been lose enough to anyone to feel confident enough to ask them to explain it for them.

I can still enjoy a fanon if the characters are OOC, it just depends on how good the writing is, really

6) Was there, at in time during the productions of this fanon, an glimpse of a Tohp-Aang relationship? Because I was getting a tinsy bit of it.

I never intended it to be a romantic pairing, just friendship. I did want there to be a developing relationship, though. It seems that in the series, they never really developed a good friendship, it was more focussing on Aangs relationship with Katara and the whole saving the world shebang.

The Wiki

7) Now this question is about the Wiki. First off, I'd like to congratulate you: you are part of the Fact Finders again! But let me ask you this. What do you think you'll bring to the Fanon Fact Finders that nobody else has?

Am I really? I think I'll bring... Well, my creativity. Being a fanon writer, you kind of learn what people want to be asked about their stories, which details are important. I don't think I'll be any better or worse than the other members, but I'll try my hardest to add my own creative flair. I also like organising and I never ring up pages.

8) You've written one-shots and poems. Will you ever grace the site with a full-fledged fanon? If so, any spoilers?

Hah,, nice of you to ask! The answer is a definite yes, I'm actually working on one at the moment. It won't be released for a while yet, I'm working with my beta to get all the characterisations right. It will be about Toph and the Gaang, and while I don't want to give away too much, I'll leave you with this: rock may be the hardest element, but when it breaks, it shatters, and is very difficult to make whole again.

Just For Fun

9) If you could have any fanon made into a proper TV series, which one would you want to watch the most?

Hmm... If it were mine, Landslide, definitely. Talking about any story, my first preference would be 'Silent Hero in Emerald' because it is new refreshing and the characters are original. We haven't seen it before. Next I would have to go with The Last Earthbender. Or The Last Prom King. They can be found here and here, respectively. I find myself trawling through more and more. There aren't many Taang stories on avatar wiki

10) Out of Toph and Aang, who would you rather spend a day with and why?

Toph. I love her, she's obviously my favourite character. I think she has such an opposite personality to mine, it would be interesting seeing her in person. I think she would be really badass in real life, I thinking would be fun

That's all folks. Be sure to tell Fruitpit what you think, she deserves it!

This was Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

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