Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

Hello all. This is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude utilising what little free time he has to interview the INCREDIBLY patient Acer Indonesia about his fanon The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters}}. This unique fanon is highly original, and Acer definitely deserves praise for the writing - seeing as English is his second language. So without any more waffling, let's get this show on the road!


1) Why did you choose to write about the Freedom Fighters?

First, I hadn't read any stories about Freedom Fighters here. I didn't have any fondness towards the Freedom Fighters, but, after reading Minnichi's story, one of my favorites, I had the idea to write about an 'un-touched' story, as I knew it'd boost my "creativity" points on reviews. ;) Moreover, I love background stories. I can takeover all of the Freedom FIghters' past stories. Though the Freedom Fighters aren't my favorite group, it's a pretty sweet thing to write anything about a background story.

2) Currently, it seems you have Book 1 and a bit of Book 2 planned. How long do you think this fanon will go for?

As it states on the main page, I plan for up to 45 chapters. Honestly, I have dozens of stories kept on my PC, but they're not written well and, you know, I had writers block. Perhaps, in a year, or more..

3) So far we've seen some links to A:TLA such as Longshot and Smellerbee - and Long Feng. Who else can readers expect to see? Jet? Aang?

Ah... Did you know that Jerry refers to Jet? XD I planned to make Jet's background a tearful one, as he really hates Fire Nation; a lot of pain, angst, and torture will shown in Book 1, and in Book 2. You will meet a lot of new-adventure stories. Yes, correct! Aang will take his role as Avatar with his team, and I will highlight Katara as major character. Unlike the others, Katara has a big role in the Freedom Fighters. Her appearances will (at least) be shown in 2 chapters, but I hope more.

Well I'm looking forward to it! 4) I'm dying to know what happens with Mei Lee! Any thing you can hint to us about her story?

Chapter 7 is told 8 years before chapter 6, so it's a "background story in a background story". In chapter 7, she is (almost) made into a 'Joo-Dee' and , as you know, Long Feng wanted her since her first arrival to Ba Sing Se. Why? After practicing and learning seismic sense, she went to Ba Sing Se, looking for a better life. If you noticed, Mei Lee has two close relationships with two men: Yuhan and Annawan. I know, it's not necessary for a widow marrying two men, so I think Mei Lee will go with Annawan. Yuhan will probably be her best friend, and 8 years after the escape, Mei Lee will go to a place where Hama learnt bloodbending, where Sokka mastered his "sword-bending". Yuhan, however, will stay at his homeland, and Mei Lee, again, sails alone to a farther place to hide from Long Feng, a further place from her lovely children. A hint to readers, her job in that place is an earthbending teacher.


Her story sounds exciting. But now, on to the characters! Yay! 5) Why did you decide on naming characters after people from the fanon?

I don't know, it just came to my mind.. It's fun when the names of people here are mentioned on my fanon.

Maybe Kyoshidude could get a mention? Haha! 6) Are the any love-triangles/storylines coming up?

None thus far, I haven't planned anything about a love-story.

From what I saw, Smellerbee and Longshot seemed to share a little something ;) 7) I know this story isn't about the Avatar, but will there be an animal character? Like a semi animal guide?

No, as we've never seen Jet with an animal in his life. If there were to be one, I think it will be an additional character, but none thus far.

8) Jerry and Jim are brothers, and have shared a lot together. What can we expect to happen in terms of their relationship?

Separated! Forever! Just a kidding. I plan to make them a not-forever-happ type relationship, but maybe another "third-person" will disturb and separate them. I think I will keep this as a secret.

The Wiki

Secrets are always good. 9) You're quite well-known across this wiki. How do you think this has effected your fanon?

I don't think my status as rollbacker will affect my fanon, as I read the comments, most of them are in past months. I know this is my fault, as I didn't update the story until right now, since September. Ironic, isn't? But I hope in next month, TCA:TFF will be back on track.

10) What is your favourite part about this Avatar fan base?

The community. I love when people are arguing, commenting, liking, connecting, and taking a relationship here. Unlike another Avatar fan base, Avatar Wiki have the Featured stories, have the user groups, and is not outdated. I also love my friends here, all of you.

11) Though English is your second language, you've done very well in getting your story across. Were you fearful your English skills would effect your fanon? If so, how?

YES! I know my English is bad, moreover, when my grades fell down last exam. A lot of my editors are overwhelmed to rewrite my fanon, and I believe they are also tired to notice and fix the typos. A fanon is nothing without writing, and writing is nothing without editors.

Just For Fun

12) If you could bend any element, what would it be? AND YOU CAN'T PICK AVATAR!

Dabelyu-ei-tee-ee-ar-bee-ee-en-dee-ai-en-ji. Waterbending. (Correct.) XD Waterbending. I love waterbending. Waterbenders can bend anywhere, from a desert to a forest! Everything under our horizon has water, and it's fluidly awesome! Moreover, I could bloodbend people!

13) If any fanon on this wiki were to be made into a TV show, which one would you want to watch the most and why?

Silent Hero in Emerald and Origonalavatarnerdling's fanon.. Both of them are nicely written, and I love the plot as well. Unfortunately to other's fanon, I didn't read them and most of the "epics" are done...Both of those names above are not really fast-updated, so I could take a breath before its release.

And that's all folks. Start reading Acer's interesting fanon because you'll definitely enjoy it - I know I did! If you have any more questions about the fanon ask Acer himself.

Note: This will be my last interview until mid-November so enjoy it! If you want an interview check out the Fanon Fact Finders page!

So this is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude signing off! Kyoshidude (Kyoshi - but a dude!) (wallcontribs)

Sokka as therapist This blog is an official interview of the Fanon Fact Finders. We hope you enjoy it!

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