What's up everyone! Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman Kyoshidude here with an idea!

I know that some authors would just LOVE reviews and some wikians would just LOVE to do their own reviews (but there are no open spots in the Fanon Review Squad! OH NO!)

Well fellows, NOW YOU CAN!

Just comment on this blog if you want a review and hope someone comments on that comment saying they'll do it. It may not be the best system but, who knows, there might not be as long a wait than the Fanon Review Sqaud and your fanon will get some well deserved notice and critique. You might also be recognised for your reviewing abilities? There's only one way to find out! GET COMMENTING!

Please reviewers be nice yet critical - no mean or snide remarks. For some authors, English is their second language so take that into account when you are reviewing.

And authors, don't take offense if you don't get immense praise for your 'baby.' It is hard, seeing as you put 110% into it but be mindful that these reviews will be determined partially by opinion and preference.

Play nice and enjoy, and perhaps your fanon will become big - bigger than a Kardashian behind! <-- Bad joke....

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