Hello I'll be your action provider tonight. Foreword: This takes place during Summer 100 AG.

The forest had an eery breeze blowing through it. It was cold and reminded Mitch of what had transpired in the last month. He clenched his hammmers, they hanged down the side of his belt. He walked alone.

Longshot had to prove himself. Not to anyone he knew; but to prove that he was still good enough to be a freedom fighter. With or without the group. He saw movement. He couldn't see it; but he was expecting big game. Longshot heard a rustling in the bush. He drew back his bow. He waited for it to come out. He saw hair and he fired.

Mitch emerged from a bush and heard a twang noise. He looked toward the trees, expecting a bird. No, it wasn't a bird. It was an arrow aimed straight at his head. He ducked and prepared to counter.

Longshot was shocked it was a human. If he wanted to he could have yelled; but he didn't. He jumped down from his perch and approached the teen. He looked young; hair flowed down his shoulders. Mitch didn't like being shot at. He pulled out his first hammer with two hands and slammed it into the ground. Longshot looked down and the ground was rising beneath him, fast. He jumped off the earth being launched into the air, using it to propel himself into the air. He took three arrows from his quiver and fired them, as he flipped himself in air. The arrows rained down on the young eartbender. He attempted to dodge; but the third arrow drove through his foot. He yelled an ugly word and insulted his opponent.

"You attempt to drive points in my feet. You seem weak. I dare for you to attack me without your petty arrows."

Nothing. Nothing came from his opponents mouth; however when arrogant Mitch was talking, Longshot moved into point blank range. He fired yet another arrow. Mitch grabbed his second hammer with his left hand and used the end of it to block the arrrow. Longshot was impressed with his opponents skill. Mitch stomped the ground and to columns of earth appeared. He broke chunks of them off and launched them at the archer. Longshot kept his head down and dodged all of the attacks. They was literally feet away. Longshot was almost out of arrows, plus he was in close range. He drew out one of Jets' swords; the one he and Smellerbee were given on the day of their friends demise. Mitch was waiting for a close combat fight. Steel and earth clashed making the oddest clanging noise in the peaceful forest. The range of Longshot's hooked sword matched the power of the two hammers. The hook grabbed the edge of Mitch's left hammer. Longshot used this to circle behind his enemy. The archer ran back a little more behind the hammer wielder. Longshot sheathed his sword and drew his bow aiming it at the earthbender's chest. Mitch lifted a huge amount of dirt and firmed it up, holding it above, preparing to launch the rock.

"Make your move," Mitch yelled in his gruffest voice.

The silence between the lasted a minute. The earthbender got tired and he began to release the tension in his arms. Longshot exploit this and fired his arrow. The son of Gow had no time to dodge. Crimson stained the forest ground. The archer looked away. Longshot continued to walk away from his victim, looking for food in the forest.

...And the moral of the story is:Longshot shot first.

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