This is probably going to be a short blog, but please read anyway. So I, being the author, need more gramatical editors for my series. I know a lot of people are busy, but "another on bit the dust" meaning another one of my editors went inactive. I want my series to be more deserving of the awards I've got and if I had some spelling and grammar help, well it would greatly improve the series. I found grammar mistakes from chapters that I should've fixed, but I am always rushed when I write a chapter. As well as this I'm a B student in English, so I'm not really qualified for grammar. Anyone who wants to become an editor first must have read The Lost Air Temple. They can post their request here or on my wall. A sneak peak of book 2 will be coming out next week in blog form.

Update: R.C.P.D. Metal fans will have to wait a little longer do to Suzon's leave of absence, which is do to injury. Go to my sanbox if you really want spoilers or to look at outline.

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