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Thank you Mike an Bryan, for not starting shipping war 2

Hello, people of this site. Anyway, I will get straight to the point; Thank. You. Mike. And. Bryan. Now a lot of people question why I am thanking them. But, in the first episode the shipping's flopped back and forth, so much. that I got dizzy. Now I thought, Oh what is for dinner. <---- wrong thought,Great now it is SW2.0. or Shipping Wars Two. In ATLA I shipped KatAang, Taang, etc. as friends. Because Aang is 12 not 15 or 16. So, I mean come on who really stays together for 5+ years in MS and HS. Almost no one. Now when the new vid. on LoK came up I was like,Oh, yay more stuff we could debate about 'til our faces are blue. When I watched it I wasn't paying much attention until I saw the sub-title. I was like finally. So now unless you like Borra that much, case is settled. Now we know it's mutual, I will not support it. I will not claim Borra. I will claim the fireferrets as friends. Please don't yell at me. This is my opinion.

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