Hey guys, KK7 here. As you guys may know TLAT has only four episodes left. So with only a few chapters left, you can imagine that I am going to make them action packed. With so little episodes, you can imagine I am making them quite large, especially the finale. So after the response to the last blog post, I decided to include a bit of a sneak peak into this one. Also remember if you want me to do a character contest or something of that nature, leave it in the comments below. Now a sneak peak:

"What a fool, I pity him, almost," said the central airnomad Wong.

Baizken lied face down. Bloody and bruised. He was left for dead.

Narrator:The Avatar must restore balance to the world. The Black Lotus are closing in, and Father Geno has the upper hand.

Sid flew over Kolp's body and he relished his evil deed.

Sulu is on the hunt for someone.

Wong holds his hand as if he is choking someone.

Narrator:He seems to have a lot on his hands. Can he make it out alive and save his grandchildren? At least he has some allies

Smoke uses a dagger and it obliterates a room. All that is left is himself and the floor, even the walls are gone.

Osla airbends at Wong with both her hands. She manages to blow him back a little.

Senzin looks at the clouds and sees Duma chasing something.

Narrator:This is TLAT! Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Father Geno is outside with both his hands outstretched and a sphere of air around himself. It lows away everything in sight.

What you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Whether it be speculation, criticism, or praise. Thanks as always, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this season. The Kid 100% (wallcontribs)

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