Welcome to this blog post, and the world of The Lost Air Temple. This is a preview of Book 2. I plan to introduce and reintroduce characters as this thing goes along. Without ado (ado ado ado ado ado ado ado) I give you a preview of Book 2.

Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders

"What if you could not bend air, but life itself. What if you could not make a puff of wind, but you could mess up somebodies mind. Clouds always have a silver lining, but you must never forget the darkness and storm," said a figure cloaked in a black robe. This scene fades.

Narrator: Eight month ago, Avatar Gatton and and his family saved the Fire Nation. The avatar and his grandchildren saved the nation from falling under the rule of Raingeous and his evil assassins and sages. The family set up a new government led by a wise sage named Pytharus. As time goes on Gatton meditated on his past dreams. The avatar has grown more confused, so he goes to a festival with his children and their friend.

"Ah, I love the carnival," said Sala.

"Yeah, look at that glass blower," said Baizken. He was looking at a glass blower, who used firebending, to blow into the glass and create all kinds of shapes.

"All you can think about is craftmanship," Finosa remarked.

"That's not true; I also think about swords and food," he exclaimed.

They all laugh and continue walk through the festival. Gatton walked behind them.

Narrator: Peaceful times will not last forever; nothing does.

Montage: "Nice sword, but that won't help you. Prepare to taste my wrath!" said a man holding a sword hilt without a blade.

"No one can talk about that war, but we need to revive the order," says Halois.

"Fall, my enemies, fall. For you were never my bretheren," says the middle age figure wearing a cloak.

Narrator: Old and new allies unite as they fight a new threat.

Montage: Bald monk kid says, "Come on it'll be more fun than playing Pai Sho."

"We can get out of here; I know we can," says a girl monk.

"I'm back, with news of the future," said Smoke.

"Finosa, lets kick this up a notch," says Baizken.

Senzin says, "It's time for the world to remember us today."

Narrator: Can they take down the deathbenders before it's too late?

"It's time for you to give up. We've won," says the cloaked figure.

His eyes begin to glow.

"Grandpa, no!" says Baizken.

Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders coming this fall to Avatar Wiki.

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