Hello, everyone who clicked on this. I am kuzonkid7 and I will be reviewing today! I watched it with my brothers and sisters.

Okay, first off the opening was great. I was afraid they wouldn't metion the gaang tale. It also left an opening for telling more of Aang's acomplishments as the Avatar. Next scene, I see a snow scape so I am thinking SWT already. See a weird Lotus guy walkin' in and a lady and a dude then Booom. Young Korra acting like she had ten pixie stix. Bending like a nut. Fast Forward, see Korra fightin' firebenders with fire. Those guys were toast with margirine. Then you see Gran Gran? No, Katara as an old lady no less; standing with some more guys. They question her fire bending and then boom she's a master. Tenzin comes in with the Meelo and his sisters who is enjoying a head snack. One girl the smart one whose name I'll remember after I finish this ask Katara about Zuko's mother. Pause, me and my one of my younger sister says finaly. Play, than annoying queen ruins everything. Pause, we all gaw drop and I said monkey feathers. Play, we then continue on to Mrs. Tenzin who is having another a.b. sadly that is not what she wanted. So, after some dialoge we discover that Tenzin, can't stay. So, Korra escapes, gets on the Titanic, and arrives in R.C. she travels lookin' for food and goes fishing in the park. Pause, what did she do live in a block of ice. Never mind, play, so she meets a homeless guy, gets chased by police, and meets ann occupy republic city protester. She keeps going 'till she meets Al caBender, and the dumb duo. She kicks there bottoms (and destroys a small percent of R.C.). She gets the police's attention just to be arrested. She is enterrogated by Toph's excact opposite daughter. Tenzin convinces her to let her go back home without charges. Korra's about to get on the boat when Tenzin allows her to stay. She has a P.C. just to tell everyone how great she is (which I am not questioning). Than you see Amon who is standing up, when Liutenant ask's a stupid question and gets a super stupid answer. End Episode.

Now for ratings

1 Plot 9.0 Good and great 2 Action 8.2 Okay, but I will expect better in future episodes

3 Funniness 7.5 Hopefully in the next episodes there will be more jokes

4 Shipping 9.7 As you may know I don't like shipping even canon ones, however I know it will get shippy

5 Overall 8.7 It was Great, but like cheese it will only get better

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