Hello 2 or maybe 3 people who accidentally clicked on this. I am Kuzon and I will be reviewing The Revelation (well that is kinda obvious 'cause of the title). So lets get started...

Korra is training with the to brothers, preparing for the tournament when Pabu shows up, just kidding it is Butclark descendant of Fat. He talks to the FFs telling them they need a whole lot a $ in order to get in the tourney [Brawl reference]. Since they are dirt poor, Pabu and Bolin run away and join a circus. Meanwhile Mako uses his unknown lightning generation abilities to work as an electrician. Pabu is doing tricks and Bolin is making a lotta cash oneeeeeeee yuan. Then hear comes Slick and Shady, Bolin's old trusty pal shows up. He offers him a trust worthy job of being a muscle, a clam. Bolin declines saying he's not shellfish, but takes it for a stack of clams (what, to much seafood jokes 'cause I don't sea any). Mako's electrician job is going great so great, he gets paid in noodles, Flameyo's to be exact. He gets home and Bolins not there. He goes to Korra's place and ask her if she's seen Bolin. She hasn't ,so they go out searching and meet Skoochy, I've already been shipped and haven't been on the air yet. Please help me, Jackson. After having a enough money to buy a train, (I like trains) He tells 'em Bolins working with Triads and gonna go kick some Red Monsoon butt. They go to try and save Bolin, but they can't find him they go take a nap and wait for an occupy protester to show up (or a rabid shipper). They fall asleep only to be woken up by (unfortunately not a rabid shipper or in their case fortunately) Mister megaphone man. After roughing him up some, they get him to sing like a cat-sparrow. They go to the old, abandoned, rented for on day, wow this thing has a lotta name, equalist friendly, warehouse. They go up there and here Anon. aka Oma... Oh Amon talking about something we can debate about later. Korra gets somewhere in some trouble with some muscular guy and they fight. Than Mako helps Bolin escape and get outside, but they get the noodles shocked out of them by another dude. Naga comes in and saves the day being driven by Pabu. They all escape understanding now that Amon did something that is debatable.

"Anything related to wiki and/or real life probably is."

Now, seriously, here is my ratings.

1. Plot 8.5

2. Action 8.3

3. Funniness 8.6

4. Shipping 9.0

5. Overall 8.6

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