Hello, Korramaniacs (real word) to another review by yours truly. Now first off is my never anticipated in my own eyes, account.

First, after discussing PB, Korra is talking with Tenzin, while a lemur flies by about how hard airbending is. He explains how she isn't exactly good with focusing, concentrating, etc. So, she goes to the leaf thing with Bookworm, Chatty Cathy, and The Troll. Tenzin explains, while BW demonstraits. Korras all like *yawn* Let's do this, and gets her butt wooped by pieces of wood.She is then frustraited and walks away. Then, that night she's all like I'm a ninja who wants to listen to Pro-bending. She listens for awhile but, Mr. Spiritual cuts the program off, infuriated by his father's behaviors. Next day They meditate (or sleep in the Troll's case) but, Korra stinks at that to. So, she goes to get some maximumdietleechyzerorade. The night of the FF big match she swims away to the arena. She walks in but, gets caught in the "I have to pee excuse". Fortunately, the annoying, I mean, handsome Bolin rescues her, though he implies some stuff. The go to the locker room to meet the jerk. After the match Korra meets them both and reveals her identity. After some PB training from Bolin, she goes home. The next morning, she, with a little help from The Troll destroys the pieces of wood. She goes to the PB match and decides to join the FF party *Eight-bit music*. She breaks the rules a million times, and loses twice. Tenzin finds out and yells at her. Next round, with teamwork, the FFs win.

Now for ratings.

1 Plot 8.8

2 Action 9.1

3 Funniness 8.5

4 Shipping 8.6

5 Overall 8.7

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