Hello and welcome to the only blog post that offers, reviews, comedy, and skewed fanons. It'sssssssssss Parody Style. Welcome to the official first episode of Parody Style. That's right, if you clicked on this thinking it actually had something meaningful and deep; well I apologize. Without too much ado, I will be parodying my own fanon first TLAT. The Lost Air Temple, it's a series with history included! :D Now you know.

Parody TLAT: The Lost Acronym Title

Roku bending the four elements

The Lost Air Temple

One day two kids and an old man were walking around the Fire Nation Capital. They all were happy and smiling until an assassin came along.

"Yo," the assassin said.

"Hello?" said the old man.

"Mind if I frame you for murder?"

"Um yes, I do mind," said a puzzled avatar.

"Too bloody bad-"

"Wait, are you British?"

"Your just lucky I don't speak like 7 year old kid," said the assassin.

"Kids," the grandfather said, "Go home and take the dragon to the temple." The children did so as they were told.

"What are you going to do old man?" the assassin yelled.

"I'm the avatar!"

"Oh no you aren't going to go Avatar State and kick my butt, are you?"

"Worse, I'm going to give you a history lesson. This fanon is based off the Iron Hide Revolution which brought Oliver Cromwell to power in the late 1600's."

"Aah, history!" the assassin yelled and committed suicide so he wouldn't have to here any more [how did he get that past the censors]. All the town folk assumed that the Avatar had killed him so the mob beat him up and through him in the Fire Nation Sage prison.

The two children wandered aimlessly around the city for an hour before finding the path home. When a voice called out to them.

"Baizken, Finosa."

"Who was that," Baizken asked.

"It's Sala, salad without the d," Finosa explained.

"What are we based off now, Dragon Ball Z?"

"Baizken, I have something to tell you something," Sala said slowly.

"Can it wait?" said the swords-boy

"No it can not! I lo-" yelled the girl.

"Oh look an old man in a cave," Baizken said excitedly. He walked in and looked around. The old man had many treasures, but one sword stood out to Baizken.

"It's too dangerous to go alone, take this," the old man said. The classic music played.

"Zelda, really, when is kuzon going to stop making references?"

Gatton was so bored in the prison. All that was in their was a toilet and a goth guy.

"I can not remember. I can't remember. I do not remember."

"Shut up!" the Avatar yelled and punched the man in the noggin.

"I remember everything now. I am half-spirit, half-human."

"So like Percy Jackson?" the Avatar spoke clearly.

"What, no..."

"Norse mythology?"

"Okay, still no..." the man uttered.

"You sure?"


"Let's get out of here!" as he bent the toilet bowl water to cut iron bars.

"Eww..." the man said totally grossed.

"Come on, just follow me."

They ran through the temple just randomly beating assassins up with their powers

"Come on fly faster," Baizken yelled as he drove the dragon; however it did not listen well.

"You need to learn How To Train Your Dragon," Finosa said jokingly.

"Seriously, if I see Anakin Skywalker or ALF walking around here I'm going to pinch myself." They arrived at the temple at a great speed, but ran in to a man at the front of the temple.

"I'm Bard and I'm full of lard," said the rhyming man [guess this reference].

"Okay, we need to get through to meet are grandfather," Finosa said.

"You shall not pass. If you don't, I'll kick your-"

"Hey look, a flying cookie!" Finosa yelled.

"Where is this cookie? I must take a lookie," said the guard as Finosa ran passed him. It was just Bard and Baizken.

"You can not get the better of me. I am the lock and you have no key. So as far as can see, all you got is a used Wii," the man rhymed quickly.

"You may rhyme and be able to keep time, but all yous smell like is a bunch of old pine."

"That was lame..." the rhyming man said.

"Ha, you did not rhyme!" Baizken yelled, "I am victorious!"

"Who cares if I don't rhyme? It's no like I will die."

"I beg to. Differ!!!" Baizken yelled as he stabbed the man in his head [wow this is a violent fanon].

"Hurry Anjelo," Cori yelled as he flew his giant lemur over the ocean, "WE may not have time for a cameo appearance."

"Moo," the lemur chattered.

"I really got to get you looked at buddy," the young monk said. All of a sudden a cloud flew by them.

"It is I, Wong."

"Really, I talking cloud?" Cori asked.

"No," the young man put his head out, "It's is the death bringer, me." They landed in the central square of the capital and prepared to fight.

"Pot shot," Wong yelled as he air punched Cori through a wall.

"Ow!" the young monk yelled.

"Now if you excuse me, I have some puppies to kick. Yeah I'm bad."

"Aw yes my acceptance speech is perfect. Nothing to offend people, no radical ideas. I'm bound to get an A on this!" exclaimed the evil praetor [Oliver Cromwell was a praetor].

"Not so fast," the Avatar yelled as he entered the old man's room.

"Now who to we have here?" Raingeous said, "The Avatar, Nico de Angelo, and an old man who came out of nowhere."

"Hey don't you remember me?" the old man asked, "I'm your master who taught you how to lightning bend."

"Oh right, thank you," Raingeous said as he shot lightning at him.


Cliff hanger.

Father, I have read this really random blog post about the past,. What is the purpose of this?" Wong said.

Father Geno turned around "So you can get in the game plan!" Geno was Mike Ditka and the wild Wong fainted [really, Pokemon]!


So TLAT is really a good fanon, based off several things and events. The characters are a bit kooky, but you will come to grow on them. As you can't tell here, the author really works hard on coming up with these crazy ideas. I would suggest this fanon to anyone who loves Avatar, history, or obscure culture references. That's all for now folks and remember: If it ain't broken, fix it until it's broken. Bye.

If you have a fanon you would like to see parodied, you can leave a comment with the name of the fanon plus a Link [see what I did there]. And also, if you can guess the reference for Bard, you get a prize :D.

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