Hello random user/anon. I am here giving Order of the White Lotus predictions. If you wanted predictions about owls see here (insert link). Hehe, anways all jokes aside, I am here to give predictions about my favorite group. In Avatar the Last Airbender the Order was primarily secret, due to the fact of the war. They were beyond the bondaries of the nations, facing charges of treason for most nations. There primary objective was to help refugees and help occupied villages. After the war, they were very well known because they recaptured Ba Sing Se, the worst city ever! Now they are probably renowned throughout the world. Now, they are seventy years (give our take a few) in the future. According to clips they are going to teach Korra bending,but then fade out. Overall here are my predictions.

'The O.W.L. will be 'and serious

No members of the Gaang will be in it

They will teach Korra earth and fire bending

No other major role

Thank's for your time.

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