Restored Southern Air Temple

And now a preview from the next chapter of Fanon:The Lost Air Temple...

Baizken charged at Wong with his blade in his right hand. Wong was a bit shocked that the boy was willing to fight. Baizken slashed his sword upwards, aiming for the his opponents face, desperately trying to land at least one shot. Wong quickly jumped back. Baizken continued to charge and slashed his sword sideways. This time Wong barely dodged it with a duck. Baizken grabbed his sword with two hands and attempted to slash back the other way. Wong, still in a ducking position, jumped high in the air; the sword was never even close. Baizken realized he had missed again. He tried to find Wong in the sky, but Wong was in front of the sun, causing a glare. When Wong landed he send a shock-wave, sending Baizken flying backwards. The swords-boy's eyes locked with the monk with the black arrow as he got back up. With one loud yell Baizken used all of his strength and charged Wong. All the children, the man in the mask, and Osla did not know what would happen next. Baizken brought the sword above left shoulder grasping onto it with all his might. He bobbed and weaved as he ran toward the airbender trying to keep him on his toes. Wong just stood there, no cocky expression. He stared at the kid, and waited. Finally Baizken made it with in striking range. He swung his sword downward with all his might. "Now!" Wong yelled with a deep ferocity coming from within. Baizken swung his sword down with 110% effort, and right there, the sword stopped. It appeared as if Wong had grabbed the sword between his pointer and index finger. This was impossible the amount of strength he had swung with. This could not be. The smile reappeared on Wong's face.

What did you think? If you liked this and have not read the rest of the series, I would highly advise you start reading this fanon. If you have any tips, comments, or opinions leave them down below. I would appreciate that very much.  :D

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