Where am I?:Demotivation and Wikia

Hey guys, or me if no one reads this. As you know (and probably don't care). I have taken a bit of a hiatus from writing my fanon. Well, two things happened. One I discovered the wonderful world of employment, and two I just haven't been really motivated. The finale went through a couple of redrafts in office, and honestly, I just don't know what to do. It is kind of like I know everything I want to type, but I just can't orchestrate the words so perfectly, so vividly like they are in my head. The action scenes don't sound as grandiose or beautiful, and my writing I feel is not one to write home about. You could say I have hit a snag. Also I lost the biggest thing. Over the past couple of chapters the feedback has been non-existent. I know that is not why your supposed to write, but I already know everything that is going to happen. I get nothing out of putting my sites in lifeless text. I do this because I want others to read this and enjoy this like I do when I think about it. I know people have told me it will get better, and if you put out good stories people will come, but honestly nothing has changed. I was just gone for too long. I am definitely not saying TLAT. I am just saying until I have the motivation I won't continue writing or at least not putting a chapter up every week. Also I will still be on wiki, as you will probably see me make occasional edits or forum post. That is all...


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