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Hey guys what's up. Boy that was some episode/s. I personally felt like I just had to talk about this episode and flying hog monkeys; it was great. I honestly felt like this was what the show had been missing. Still some things that need to be ironed out. Over all I feel like this may have been the best premiere for a Korra season.

I am going to do a brief stylized recap for those looking back or those who suffer from short term memory loss. Here we go.

Breath of the Prince of Fresh Air and No One Wants to be Alone with a Bison

So what do we get after that exciting finale, how do we top that. Bumi knitting! Yeah but he's terrible apparently, so the dragonfly-bunny (totally gonna start a kick starter for that plush toy) runs away. Bumi follows him and falls out of a tree. However, he saves himself, kind of, with airbending. I immediately realized the show had a different felt like this show had a much different feel. Like it was actually funny. Of course that still doesn't excuse the "gross" jokes later on.

So we go to Korra who is currently fighting giant vines that don't want to let go of buildings. Of course the vines seem to be bad for everyone. So we discover that not only does Korra have to deal with the Presidential Press, but they apparently do polls in RC. Her numbers are really bad, like presidential bad, I mean how many people believe in lizard-people bad, heck maybe it is even lower than congress's.

So after that event we have dinner with the family. When Bolin did his Mako impression I found it hilarious. Sorry Mako, but you have issues. Speaking about Mako, he goes to handle a domestic dispute where he finds... An airbender? Yep and apparently he is not in control of his powers. Hopefully he doesn't accidentally sneeze. So anyway, we have an awkward Mako/Korra/Asami moment. So finally we have a nice fun interaction period between two female characters. Big surprise, they don't try to kill each other or talk about guys, for I think the first time. I might have to whip out the slow clap for this moment. Seriously, so glad these two are FRIENDS, am I right?

Korra tries to get rid of the vines again, but they just won't get off. She just makes it worse. Finally the president just throws her out of town. I've heard this was a problem some people had with the show, but personally I would have thrown her out a while ago. So now they are having an all new adventure. Than we get a this awesome scene. It was so cool, I think that this guy is a boss.

He just is like you know what there was this guy he could levitate.

And the guards were all like: So

Airbending, fool!

I know another problem people had was random airbenders. I do have a slight problem with it, but honestly not to much of a big deal for me. I guess it would make sense that someone who felt a connection with the air nomads could be come an air nomad. I mean he is not a hipster or a farmer or a thief.

So next episode we go on an adventure. Now before we get started I have to voice my complaint. I know you have to get the "sponge heads" to watch this throw, but still a diaper joke and throwing up is a little much. Honestly it just felt weird and out of place.

So Korra and Tenzin and the rest of their merry band start there adventure. It totally was hilarious when Tenzin totally just ruined all of his encounters. He tells a mother that her son will get tatoos all over his body. Man, he sure has a way with words. After that Korra tries with a hipster. Totally hilarious. He's all like.

Meh, I like coffee, but it is so overated.

Well maybe that is what I imagined him to say, but anyway he decides not to make anything out of his life. So than they try the obvious route. Stuffing people in a potato stack. Seriously though, they put on a show and get their first recruit. A thief kid who I am pretty sure has changed his ways. So they set out for the earth queen's castle.

Not my favorite part of the episode though, because sprinkled through out this episode, are possibly the coolest benders ever. Overall my favorite is definitely the lava bender with the shuriken. It just is so cool!

At the end we get a taste of Zuko. Honestly, he seems to have put on a few. Still I don't think that will stop anyone. So apparently Zaheer is the leader of this rouge group of benders and it seems like the Avatar and White Lotus are going down.

Fanon Sidetrack

You guys tired of hearing excuses? Hope not because my life got real busy real quick, but I don't want to bog you down with details. To all TLAT'ers that remain, I am still typing, don't worry.


Now I have to give this thing an honest score. This thing was really tough for me to grade.

Pros: -Korra is back        -Zaheer and co. look like a worthy opponent -Korra "hyphen" Asami -More airbenders -ZUKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -Bolin being funny

Indifferent: -How the new airbenders are popping up -Issue with the vines -Mako is meh -Histers

Cons -Some of the jokes -Lacking in action, just a little bit.

Overall I give this premiere, >8.9 out of ten. Found this to be a good start and if it continues down this path I think this show has a chance to be as good as ATLA.

Thanks guys, this is Kuzonkid7, and shameless self promotion.

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