Legend of Korra S2 Review

Hey guys, what is up? As promised, in a blog post you probably have not read(I'm back FYI), I said I'd review Book 2. What better way to do that by going through it and give my opinion. I'll say this only once, these are opinions. Opinions are like pizza, they are could no matter what, unless they are canned mushroom, any kind of fish, non-fresh peppers, any kind of meat that's not red, and the kind with the little vegetables on it, etc. So keep reading and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS


So guys this was the moment we all were waiting for, next to Young Justice's new episode, seriously they take 6 month just for a handful on that show. So yep, here we go. None of the conflicts of the last show are even spoke about, which feels weird. I kind of feel the first part almost was a reintroduction to the characters, and by reintroduction I mean almost everything has changed. Mako is a street cop/detective thing. Bolin is a loser, with a new pro-bending team that have 10 seconds of fame all season. Asami is... well she is Asami, that hasn't changed to much, but now she can fly. Also she can make profits disappear. Korra is now a powerful airbender, who can go into the avatar state at will. Scratch that character growth idea. Tenzin gathers everyone to go on vacation to South Pole. There we meet Korra's twins who are creepy as sheep, and since this is Studio Mir, I have to say everything is beautiful. So anyway Bolin likes the crazy twins (one's a dude), and than we meek Varrik. Varrik really had something about him I like. He made me laugh with the stiff he came out with, he was calculative and inventive, and come on he has a mustache. So Asami gets him to sign a business deal. Now there was a banquet, we meet Korra's uncle (who my dad figured out was the bad guy, though i told him it wouldn't be that obvious). Then came the fanon wrecker for some. Random spirit (whom I we called George) attacks. The spirits are different from ATLA to the point of wrecking the "could be canon maybe" of a couple fanons. But I digress; "George" attacks and Korra goes into the avatar state. She still gets her butt kicked. Uncle "I'm not a villan" saves the day, when he swirls water around the spirit. Korra decides to ditch Tenzin, who to put it nicely is basically like Sam the Hobbit. Man, Korra is so gosh darn unlikable for some reason don't know what it is though.

So then after a commercial for some McDonalds and Gogurt, it's back on. Korra, her uncle and dad, the brothers, and the twins of creepiness go spirit hunting. Oh I forgot to mention, one of the twins (guess which one) is now dating Bolin. Yeah, so after Korra's dad reveales he's an ex-prince Korra gets mad again at Mako and her dad.  More spirits attack and she sends them away to. Finally we get to a scene which I like, some interaction with Aang's kids. They are so much like their family; I love it. They are going on a vacation with Tenzin. Back with the "avatar", Korra goes into the house of mirrors and has some pretty sweet battles. She blindly trusts he uncle and opens the portal

All in all, as much as I criticize it I found this episode pretty good. not the best, but hey, it's avatar. It's going to be good. Dark spirit attacking Korra

8.91919 arbitrary numbers/10

Civil Wars and Some Episodes I Found Boring

Now comes the Civil War (good name for keeping us guessing). Gasp, Korra's uncle is invading the south. Which Korra seems okay with. Now you know Korra isn't my favorite character, but I would expect her to be immediately against it. Heck when he flat out said it, I was like, "Dude, punch him in the face." So Korra gets confused and doesn't know who to side with: the father who has protected you all his life or the weird uncle, who's parent skills are obviously lacking. Korra thinks her dad is going to start a war. Varrik is clever and says they take the invader out. Korra fights off the people trying to end the invasion, and is relieved to find that her dad is not one of them. What, evil uncle arrests the guy? Just because he held a plan to kidnap the new leader in his house. How unfair! So Korra's dad is sentence to life, oh wait, no the death penalty (we now know where the Water Tribe stands on that issue). Then Korra threatens to kill the judge, Uncle Evil (yes I hate trying to say this guys name) saves is brother, and stops Korra from killing an old judge. Yep, but wait, Korra takes Naga on a renegade mission and gets the judge alone and realizes everything is set-up. Wow took you long enough. Meanwhile Varrik concocts a plan to save the day in a platypus-bear suit. They rescue her dad, and find out that Water Tribe Chief Iwanna ConquerdeWorld is ready for war. Also Ikki went missing and Tenzin and Co. are on the case. We also learn Aang wasn't Parent of the Month. I liked this part, because it showed the reality of growing up with Ava-dad.


Next episode kind of felt bland to me. Wait do you hear that. Listen a little closer. That is the sound of a love triangle that is unnecessary forming. Yes that's right. Just when you thought we were beginning anew with a whole new look on things, BAM, shipping wars. There also is a bombing. Korra is totally mean to Mako and they break up. One good thing we get to see in this episode is (new ;D) Iroh and Lin hinting that she may have gotten into an actual battle with Tenzin. Korra has a crazy battle with the twins, crashes on island. Guess what happens, memory loss trope. Yep, that one.

Next episode I liked mainly because Korra isn't being a jerk to people (Anakin Skywalker much?). So Asami and Varrik are working together, when some of her Mecha Tanks (which the RC government is definitely fine with) are stolen. Mako is on the case. He totally goes the legal way about this, and when that doesn't go his way, he does what any logical person does. He makes a deal with the Mafia. Why? Don't defend him for this with, "He knows them really well." Bolin doing this I could tolerate, but Mako. Stupid move, and guess what it backfires. Oh and he kisses Asami. It is something that made me cringe. Also the police arrest him, which I am okay with. The reason they do it is different, but if you pair up with the mob and your a cop... you should be out of the job at the very least. Also am I the only one who found Lin weird this season? This fortunately was my least favorite part of the season. When all hope seemed lost, it came. Worst of all in these last couple episodes we find Varrik isn't exactly legal either. Is it wrong I felt like he kind of parallel to Mako in this episode. Which made it tolerable, as the same smug look on his face you were used to seeing, makes you a little worried.


Wan Makes Everything Okay and Avatar My Favorite Show Again

So Avatar Korra ends up on a sage island. She gets dipped in spirit water? I don't know, but it turns out she goes back. She goes to the beginning. We meet Wan, and it is awesome. We meet characters, spirits, basically the Genesis of Avatar. This has to be my favorite episode. Wong has character growth, unlike a certain avatar, and it happens in 43 minutes. It just feels so genuine. If next season is anything like this (and you know why), it should out do Book One and Two. So I don't feel like writing too much in this section, mainly because I want you to watch it. Wan realizes his mistake

An ATLA Worthy 10/10

Back To The Present

The next episode feels kind of filler-y. Bolin doesn't do much, Mako is in jail. Korra meets up with Tenzin. Though I do like how they explain how Tenzin can't enter the Spirit World, a very good reminder that it is a rare gift. Jinora is also able to see spirits and helps them find a place to meditate. Also we learned Uncle Badguy wants to enter the spirit world and mess things up.

Korra and Jinora enter the Spirit World (because Korra is totally sound for meditation). They get split up, and we get the best mental picture ever. Korra is a screaming toddler alone in the Spirit World. Iroh, yes the original, finds her. Korra finally grows up in this episode. She helps a giant phoenix grow up. Meanwhile, Jinora finds the old library, which makes me ask a question. Could people theoretically enter the spirit world if the went down into the lower levels and vice-versa? Anyways she gets captured. So the Uncle tricks Korra into opening the other portal and Korra gets sent back with Jinora in his clutches.

Bolin has an ego boost when he figures out his friend's plot to abduct the president. He saves the day and everything is good. Also it seems like Asami and Mako will finally end the shipping war. Also Unalaaq captures Tonraq in an epic battle which I liked.


Final Episodes

So the group gets back together in RC. But since Korra has the bad memory trope, she still thinks she's dating Mako. So Varrik proves his worth and gives them a battle ship. They go down to the Southern Water Tribe and have an epic plane battle. They are captured. Bumi accidentally saves them, which make me wonder what he was like in his glory days. However it is revealed that Unalaaq is going to merge with the dark spirit. Now this is cool; a battle between light and dark. Simplistic and awesome.

So the bending brothers and Korra enter the portal and go hunting Unalaaq. They drive him back to the real world, but the portals weren't closed. Vaatu is released and starts attacking Korra with the (Man of Steel soundtrack) hyper beam. Vaatu attacks Mako and Bolin are ambushed and Vaatu reenters the Spirit World, joining with Vaatu. Meanwhile Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin are lost in spirit smog. It brings back terrible memories, Bumi creeped me out a little. So Korra tries to fight the new dark avatar. He quickly escapes to the real world and kills the light spirit. The Gaang's kids escape and make it to Jinora. She leaves them and they now go find Korra with a butterfly's help. Tenzin tells Korra that she needs to meditate in a tree. Meanwhile Vaatu heard that a new Godzilla movie was coming out and decided to try it out himself. He goes monster mode and starts wrecking RC. Korra meditates in the tree of time and did what Aang couldn't do. She joins with her full avatar and goes after Vaatu. Now they fight and it looks like Vaatu may win. I was like "wow they are going this route?" Nope out of the sky comes Deus Ex Jinora. Now she did something and something happened which no one has any clue about. It felt a little cheaty. Honestly I'd rather see Jinora be the avatar but that's probably just me.



So all in all, I felt like this has been my least favorite season of avatar. But it still by far is my favorite show currently on television. The only reason I may sound a little critical is because I have nostalgic-filled eyes when it comes to avatar. Still this is a good show, and like most people I have high hopes for the new season. Hopefully Lin will be more awesome like in Season 1. Also if Season 1 wasn't originally planned to be a miniseries, does anyone think Amon could be Vaatu's Darth Maul. Hey he could still be if he was lost near solstice and near a possible portal. So guys that's it. Write your opinion in the comments and hopefully I'm not too late with this. Pabu Sprite

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