Hey guys, what is up. As you guessed I am writing another blog post. This one is a little different though as I will not be shamelessly advertizing talking about TLAT. Instead today, it will be a little different.

Long, long ago I used to write fanon parodies. I enjoyed doing them. They were a fun take on what I liked about certain fanons and satire them, adding my own sense of humor. So I have decided to join up with the WLS and write a new parody section entitled Kuzon's Korner.

Order of the White Lotus members

So if you did not remember what my parodies are or weren't there at the time. My parodies were basically a short writing where I poke fun at the fanon and make general humor as well. At the end, I give a short summary of what I thought of the fanon. So, I just don't just go picking out random fanons. I need your help (want rather because I am to lazy to look for fanons on my own). You can submit a fanon in the comments. Whether it is yours or someone's fanon that is famous, it doesn't matter. Note if it is someone's active fanon, I will need their consent. So thanks guys as always, and be sure to comment with the fanon you want me to do.

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