Hello, welcome to another average kuzonkid7 blog post, made by me kuzonkid7. Well as you all know, it's contest season! If not you were sleeping in a cave... Anyways, I was sitting down and thinking why don't I do a contest? Other than the fact they've been done to the death. Bear with me here, so I was thinking, what hasn't been done. Parodies. Fanon parodies. Why hasn't anyone thought of it! I'm thinking on the john and I came up with some ideas.

1) I will give parodies of fanons that someone wants me to do. Authors, you're at the mercy of your fans, not that you can't ask to.

2) The parodies will be non-biased, meaning that I will highlight and subsequently exaggerate good and bad. Also ending on the good parts.

3) It will be funny and in good taste, meaning kinda keeping to story line and not totally deforming characters. As well as, keeping it funny and 50-75% accurate.

4) They will be in blog post form, coming out bi-weekly opposite of the WLS.

4.5) Pizza will be free in thirty minutes or less. Just making sure you're paying attention and not reading some if it and saying "I like it".

5) Finally, at the end it will have a short advertisement for your fanon+an advertisement for the real thing.

Got all that, so put up which fanon you want me to parody and I'll to it. Plus if the fanon is large I may just to a part that stood out to me.


This is a preview of TLAT's next chapter: It was dark and cold. The darkness black as a nightmare and the cold deeper than the South Pole. I don't know how long I traveled or where I was. For a few moments, I forgot who I was, but then, I remembered. I was an outcast, a dark splotch in a world of light. My life was filled with hunts and being a freak. Now, I was alone in a world of darkness. I wasn't alone! Someone was right beside, he glowed a light blue. He was old and strange looking. My memory was slowly starting to come back. He was an enemy, the one I wanted revenge on. I now had it, but I was now fading in. Myself, I looked more like a freak then ever. My head was disfigured as far as I could tell. I tried to touch my face, but I couldn't tell if I had hands; I tried to walk, but I couldn't feel my feet; and I tried to talk, but no words came out.

The darkness calmed me. Like a distant lullaby. I could here noises; they were soft and eerie. My mind couldn't rap my brain around the noises, it made my head hurt, if I still had a head. I tried to look around, and I thought I could see. The sensation, however, felt more like feeling. There was a tree and the barren ground that was it. No, it wasn't. Something horrible was coming. It came at a running pace it ran on four legs. It was ugly enough that I was scared and I don't scare easily. It ran closer and closer, then I realized it felt exactly like me. Its aura was calm and gentle, I could tell it had no malice. It was the one who sang the distant lullaby.


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