Hello welcome to my first blog post in a really long time, so there might be some minor mistake, hilarious hijinks, and stolen waffles. The main reason I am here is to talk about energybending. So without ado, (ado's a funny word ado ado ado ado) Here it is.

Energybending and Book 2

So a lot of you are probably wondering why I am writing this blog; well it's because of EB. It's a heated topic out there, so I thought I'd toss my hat into it. First off, how did Aang appear, like a Boss, out of no where. Well, there are many answers one could give.

  • Everything was like Aang said and she summoned him with her brain.
  • It had something to do with that tear that Amon and Korra both had
  • All of the above
  • [insert random crazy theory here]

So, yeah, we have some options, but the first one is probably right. Next, why did Aang energybend Korra funny? Well, I have a theory. It's easy for me to see that they didn't want a bad gaffe a la The Beach. If you don't know what I'm talking about look at goofs on beach page. So, that's why Aang touched her shoulder. Next, am I excited about Gatton's appearance in Endgame. Yes, yes I am. Now, finally how did Korra learn energybending, so fast. Again, I have a theory. Notice she goes into the avatar state when she does it. "In the avatar you have all the strength and knowledge of the past avatars," Roku paraphrased. So, that's that, nuff said. She probably got it from Aang. Moving on to book 2. What do I think book 2 will be about, hopefully the following doesn't happen: Lieutenant becomes a politician, Korra and Mako get all Promise Part 1 on us, they lose Naga (it be like a rerun), really creepy spirits, and Amon and Tarrlok are dead. The last one makes me sad. Reason: I thought Amon was going to change, and then his idiot brother blows himself up. Nick, you will probably get letters about that. I also think that lying runs in the family; meaning Tarrlok might have given some half-truth about his past. Also, this is border line crazy, Tarrlok got rid of the blood block using bloodbending (that's crazy 'cause it's thinking in a circle) and was ready a la Zuko in TWBM. So, for the series I hope to see the following: Almost no Lieutenant, the book to be called Metal, Korra and Bolin learn metalbending from Chief Beifong, new threats, Skoochyand Jinora meet and are enemies, Asami becomes the tech/stealth person on the team and takes over FI, and we see what Rohan is.


Well, this is now pretty much an update, but I am trying to revamp/rewrite and write new chapters at he same time, for TLAT. Yeah, hard stuff, but I can assure you unlike Siege of Sages they will be exploding and imploding with action as well as more to the whole Amax v.s. Raingeous story line. Also, Grandma (for those of you who hate spoilers cover your eyes) will return for some rebellion, if you can imagine that. Once I finish writing season one I will revamp it and than I will hand out the invitations for viewing as well as a special prize. For R.C.P.D. Metal, I will be making it once Zuko [insert random numbers] contacts me. You should be able to expect the following: awesome action, new bending techniques, sad life stories, to revolutions one which leads to the Isha revolt. Here is a rough draft for a battle sequence Shiron v.s. some thugs.

I looked at the bandits; but, I could not tell what kind of benders they were. They all were wearing masks. I was shocked, not literally, when one pulled out a electric glove. A few more got out of the store, carrying stolen loot.

"This is for The New Revolution!" the one with the glove said

I looked at Lee; who looked back at me. We were going up against some ex-Equalists. No problem, right. The one with the glove tried to shock me. I almost laughed at him.

"It kinda tickled," I told him.

"What the..."

Before he could finish his sentence, he was tied up in the corner by my bolusk. Lee was holding off the other three quite well. With the new suits we were immune to chi-blockers and electricity. He used his cables to tie them up and we all got them lined up against the wall. Lee saw one more hiding inside and I said that I'd get him. I walked inside and looked around. Not a soul insight. Then I heard a noise from behind the register. I walked toward the counter and looked down. There was one man, but I could tell he wasn't a thug like the rest of them. He wore an official Equalist suit, as well as a badge that was clipped on his suit. He had something in his hand. He stood up and looked me in the eye.

"Benders, they all ways think they have the upper hand."

"Oh, really," I said hoping he was wrong.

He tossed the thing he had in his hands. It was a gas grenade. He was wearing a mask, so he could breathe when it detonated.

"Easy," he said, "Let me escape and you won't have to be taken to Big Red."

I knew who Big Red was, but I planned on baiting him, "Who's Big Red?"

He looked at me with a smile. He started to try walking out the door. I got in his way; but, behind my back I signaled for Lee to call for backup.

"You don't want to mess with, son," he said with a gruff voice, "I've fought more battles then you'll ever fight.

"Go ahead, make my day."

He was about to throw the grenade, when I metalbended it inside out.

"Boy, you gonna be sorry."

He pulled out some kind of taser from his pocket. I recognized it instantly it was one from a high ranking officer. He must have took it from one. He ran at me with, aiming for my face, the only exposed spot on my body. I moved right and dodged it. The equalist ran right out the door. Fortunately, Lee was there to stop him, but the help had not arrived. He continued running for awhile when Lee used his cables to tie him up. Big mistake. He touched his tazer to Lee's cable knocking him out. Suddenly a blaring noise rang through my ears.

"This the R.C.P.D. police. Stand down. Twelve officer came down and surrounded him, but he wasn't going to give up, easy. End of rough draft

I know it kinda stinks, but once I get some help I'll polish it. Also that was, like, episode seven, so don't expect it to make sense.

Closing Statement

This is my closing statement. This year and next will be a great year for Korra and fanons alike. So, get ready for some. Big! Action! Yep, and remember to floss between meals. Kuzonkid7 out, peace!

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