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    Kuzon TLAT/Wiki Update

    August 16, 2014 by Kuzonkid7

    Hey guys, or me if no one reads this. As you know (and probably don't care). I have taken a bit of a hiatus from writing my fanon. Well, two things happened. One I discovered the wonderful world of employment, and two I just haven't been really motivated. The finale went through a couple of redrafts in office, and honestly, I just don't know what to do. It is kind of like I know everything I want to type, but I just can't orchestrate the words so perfectly, so vividly like they are in my head. The action scenes don't sound as grandiose or beautiful, and my writing I feel is not one to write home about. You could say I have hit a snag. Also I lost the biggest thing. Over the past couple of chapters the feedback has been non-existent. I know…

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  • Kuzonkid7

    Hey guys what's up. Boy that was some episode/s. I personally felt like I just had to talk about this episode and flying hog monkeys; it was great. I honestly felt like this was what the show had been missing. Still some things that need to be ironed out. Over all I feel like this may have been the best premiere for a Korra season.

    I am going to do a brief stylized recap for those looking back or those who suffer from short term memory loss. Here we go.

    So what do we get after that exciting finale, how do we top that. Bumi knitting! Yeah but he's terrible apparently, so the dragonfly-bunny (totally gonna start a kick starter for that plush toy) runs away. Bumi follows him and falls out of a tree. However, he saves himself, kind of, with airb…

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  • Kuzonkid7


    May 23, 2014 by Kuzonkid7

    Hey, kuzon here for an update. First off, no I am not gone. I have just been really busy with school; finals are upcoming so I haven't had much time to work on my fanon in free time. Don't worry, once summer roles around all my projects will be back to 100% efficiency. I am lacking motivation to, not like I'm not liking writing. I just feel like there are other things to better devote my time to. So in summary: don't worry I am still on the wiki. Thanks for reading. One more thing, my fanon spot Kuzon's Korner will be part of the next WLS. It will be a parody of , an old favorite of mine. Next month I will probably be doing Neo, so you can look forward to that now. You can leave a comment if you want me to parodize your fanon.

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  • Kuzonkid7

    Hey guys, what is up. As you guessed I am writing another blog post. This one is a little different though as I will not be shamelessly advertizing talking about . Instead today, it will be a little different.

    Long, long ago I used to write fanon parodies. I enjoyed doing them. They were a fun take on what I liked about certain fanons and satire them, adding my own sense of humor. So I have decided to join up with the WLS and write a new parody section entitled Kuzon's Korner.

    So if you did not remember what my parodies are or weren't there at the time. My parodies were basically a short writing where I poke fun at the fanon and make general humor as well. At the end, I give a short summary of what I thought of the fanon. So, I just don't just…

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  • Kuzonkid7

    Hey guys, KK7 here. As you guys may know TLAT has only four episodes left. So with only a few chapters left, you can imagine that I am going to make them action packed. With so little episodes, you can imagine I am making them quite large, especially the finale. So after the response to the last blog post, I decided to include a bit of a sneak peak into this one. Also remember if you want me to do a character contest or something of that nature, leave it in the comments below. Now a sneak peak:

    "What a fool, I pity him, almost," said the central airnomad Wong.

    Baizken lied face down. Bloody and bruised. He was left for dead.

    Narrator:The Avatar must restore balance to the world. The Black Lotus are closing in, and Father Geno has the upper ha…

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