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This is Kuir signing on for an FFF interview of Moon DropsMeg. Moon Drops is the first part of a great arc of stories following Korra and the decisions she must make to first keep peace with the Water Tribes and then the consequences of that. In this romantic drama, we see the legacy of Korra with a new twist!

1. Hi Meg! How are you doing? 

- I'm fabulous. lol.

2. So Moon Drops is pretty new here, as are you, have any plans for this fanon as it grows?

- Hm. Yes and no. I know where I want it to go and I have a few things in mind, but nothing is ever in stone until it is actually written.

3. Moon Drops is followed by Star Dust, is there a reason they are out at the same time?

- Yes, and that reason would be: inexperience haha. The first couple of days I joined the community I had planned to release Star Dust first, followed by its sequel and then go back and release a prequel (which would be Moon Drops). I had to think that one over, because I quickly realized that A. Star Dust wasn't/isn't anywhere near ready, and B. Moon Drops picks up right where Korra leaves off. So it just made sense from me to release the series in order instead. I will, however, be attempting to get at least the first chapter of Star Dust in shape so that readers can see where Moon Drops is leading them :)

4. I particularly liked how the readers see the future in twenty years and leaves us wondering how it came to this, will that be a continuing theme or will it stay in the past?

- When that Prologue was written (which was June of 2012) I got mixed reviews about the set up. So I don't plan on continuing that structure for future chapters. However, I will most likely do something similar when I create the Epilogue.

5. I noticed that Tarrlok’s bending was not returned, will that create an issue in the future?

- I wouldn't say that it will create an issue, but it it will definitely be an obstacle for him to overcome—because, if you notice, he still subconsciously feels the need to waterbend even in twenty years time.

6. How does Korra’s relationship to Mako affect the story given her current standing?

- Haha! Korra and Mako are in quite the predicament, for sure. Only time will reveal how that mess will get sorted out, but the next chapter will give a little bit of insight toward how they want to/will proceed.

7. I noticed that Asami hoped she and Mako could get back together, will that be something explored in this fanon?

- Asami realizes that her feelings are platonic. She doesn't like being "second best". In short, yes it will be explored, but it the result will not be expected (I'm rather fond of plot twists X3).

8. How do the nations beyond the United Republic and the Water Tribes relate to this fanon? Will it matter for the sake of the story?

- The only nation that is sort of going to get left out is the Earth Kingdom, because I'm just going to clump it together into the United Republic. Everything else has its own subplot, if nothing else, which will definitely impact the story in some way or another.

9. So, as a new author, have you read anything else here yet?

- I have! I've actually been reading Legend of Rokan and I've been thinking about picking up Phantoms^^

10. What inspired you to write this awesome new fanon?

- My dad. He and I are the biggest Avatards I can think of. We were having a discussion in the kitchen over a cup of coffee about the water tribes and it occurred to us that there's no real reason that they should be split. We determined that it could only have been the result of an idealistic disagreement. My second piece of inspiration came from Deviantart's Eva-black and her lovely piece of artwork, which is currently being used as the image on the Moon Drops main page.

11. Finally, when can we expect your next chapter, Tolerance?

- It's currently slated for March, which means sometime next week (though, it will probably be released in the next couple of days, to be honest XD).

Thanks for taking the time to interview me! Some of those were tricky questions; I don't want to give away too much, lol ^^

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