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Hey there! The Snowbold here with a very belated (its not even funny) interview for the FFF! Today we are speaking with Gingalover for Avatar: The Revision. This modification for the Last Airbender has some noticeable alterations to our beloved TLA that will make for interesting changes. Lets talk with the author about some things he did in this fanon as it just begins to delve into Book II.

1. Hey, Gingalover, what's up?
- Nothing much really.

2. I most recognize you for your crossover fanons, what made you decide to write an alternative history fanon?
- Well mainly because I can work with it more. I usually look at an episode and always wonder how it can be played out differently. One thing led to another, and here I am typing out my story.

3. Right off the bat, chapter opens with a big difference in TLA and Revision with Aang knowing his mother, what made you change that facet of the Air Nomads? Wouldn't that change the philosophy of Air Nomads?
- Well honestly I doubt that a child knowing his mom will effect the whole system of air nomads. I had Aang knowing his mother Miku simply because in the real series Aang's parents were never mentioned...At All. The rest of the gang knew their parents, why not aang? So that's why I did that.

4. When the Temples were attacked, did the Fire Nation know Aang specifically was the Avatar? If so, how did they acquire this information?
- Well not at first. They knew the Avatar was rumored to be alive still, but they didn't knew Aang was until Zuko found him first.

5. Well, since there are some obvious differences in Revision, is there a central theme or factor that inspired the revisions such as a set or a desired ending to the story?
- Well not exactly. Like I said earlier, I watch and episode and think over how it can be different. There isn't an exact desire that I'm aiming for, and I try to keep the theme close to matching the original so it's easier to work with.

6. Do you make changes on an episode-by-episode basis?
- Well not really. I just watch and remember the important bits and work from there. Some "episodes" I put were perfectly from scratch , like Ep.5 or 10.

7. Given that you are writing about existing characters that have fully fleshed out histories, did you feel that the villains had enough motive to carry the story despite any alterations you made/are making?
- Yeah I'm pretty sure there's enough motive. I don't know any better reason besides world domination.

8. What about the protagonists?
- same thing. Trying to stop a nation from taking over the world is good enough :)

9. What was the motivation for Ty Lee's change?
- I was hoping you'd ask. Well personally, for Ty Lee, I always pictured her too "Good" to be with Azula and Mai. It's like an angel joining a pack of demons pretty much. So I had her join team avatar because there was a little more sense behind it to me.

10. Alongside that, why did you introduce her in the first book as opposed to the second book, a way to add characters later in the story so that the beginning isn't so top heavy in characters?

- Well, part of that is to try to change it up. See, i get ideas so quickly and so soon that i TRY to plan ahead, but i tend to forget those ideas later on, so i try to get to it as soon as i can so the idea remains fresh and doesn't go away from me.

11. For that matter, I noticed several events changed chronologically, if you just done what you wanted without any worry about story stability, what would you have had in the first book of Revisions?

- Well if i would of done that, it wouldn't be much of a story now would it? Many unique ideas come in my head all the time but were scrapped since I couldn't fit it in. Example: in the final episode of the first book, I had the plan to include Vulkan in as well, so he, Aurora, and Raiu can appear at one time. However, Since Vulkan was already sent to find Iroh before the Fire Nation arrived at the north pole, it wouldn't make much sense and was later scrapped.

12. You brought some original characters into the fold, like Hooro and Raiu, what was your reason for adding these characters and how did you create them, conceptwise?
- Well that goes along with question 2. Part of my envision is what new characters can change the story around. in this case, Raiu and hooro would of replaced the role for Zhou, while still adding some special differences on their own part. And as for concept creation, mainly it's either a crossover aspect with different information (like Raiu, which is based off Raikou from pokemon), or basing it off other characters in the show (like Mai's father for Hooro).

13. Why was Koizilla made by Katara instead of Aang?
- Because Katara was suffering from a deep emotional breakdown due to the attack on Sokka. Raiu had "killed" Sokka and Tui, La's mate, and since they both wanted revenge on the same creature, they'd united to summon koizilla to take him down.

14. Now book two has just started and it looks like we will get to see Azula now, any new plans for her?
- Well...yes and no. There's not going to be TOO much change to the character, being bad enough already, but some other OCs might change things up for her (which I'm not gonna spoil on what exactly happens)

15. How about Toph?
- Yes, there's gonna be a HUGE change for her upon first appearance (in book 2). I'm not sure if this will exactly spoil anything, but let's just say I never liked the fact a rebel was living with such strict parents in the first place. My next chapter "blindness" will show what I mean.

16. You just finished the swamp episode in Revisions, what about the original episode did like or not like to inspire your changes to it?
- To be honest, I didn't exactly see "The Swamp" recently, so I don't remember too much from it. All i did remember was the visions seen in the episode. That, and I REALLY wanted some excuse to put in the twin dragon spirits that appear in it.

Here is the part where I let Ginga ask me some questions. Questions about plot, fanon writing, the portal, anything he wants to ask. And I get put in the frying pan and have to answer.

1. What's the changes in the Revision you liked the most?

- I liked Ty Lee's defection since she is a bit of a kind heart working with a serial killer in ATLA. I would like to see some Suki vs. Ty Lee drama coming up for Sokka, :P

2. Any changes you didn't like?

- I actually preferred Aang and La's rampage as Koizilla' as it inspired Aang's fear of himself. It set the mood for Aang's view of his abilities for episodes to come.

3. What is your thoughts about some of the new OCs in the story (Like Miku, Raiu, Ita and Zura, etc.)

- I think they are alright, but I prefer the characters of the show since it was built around them and it is hard to add characters into an existing mold, which is why I write post or pre ATLA/LOK fanons.

4. Is there any change your hoping to happen in this story?

- Iroh vs. Ozai!

And that's a wrap from Gingalover and his retelling of our favorite epic. If you like alternate history fanons, then check this out. Be sure to read the other FFF interviews and the upcoming WLS issue.

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