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Hi everyone, this is Kuir with a super late interview on Kuzonkid7's The Lost Air Temple. Built on the story of a Fire Nation Avatar, Gatton. Like every Avatar before and after, we will see just how trying his own tribulations are. But this Avatar has a issue of overthrow as his homeland's ruling sages are on the verge of total collapse.

Now Kuzonkid7 has kindly agreed to answered some questions I had after giving the fanon a look. Now, because this is large story with books, I decided to split the interview between book 1 & 2. Here at the first part, we will look into the concept and creation of the Lost Air Temple and its first stage of the story!

1. Hey Kuzonkid, whats up?

-The sky, sir. Well I've finally gotten back to working on the old fanon machine.

2. So in the first chapter, Gatton was identified as the Avatar in a smooth way, like Aang was. How come he wasn't immediately trained as a Fire Sage until he was of age?

-Well I figured I might as well keep to the old tradition. The fanon and canon have exceptions, so it wouldn't really feel like an exception. The normal way seemed more normal than a special circumstance...

3. To put it mildly, there are some domestic issues in the Fire Nation, what inspired you to focus on their high tier system over any other nation?

-Well the Fire Nation history has always interested me, and since I'm a history buff, well it just made sense. Also the way fanon was originally structured it made it fairly simple to build the story.

4. For a writing style, did you ever think to write from the present and then make most of the first chapters just memories that Gatton would recall on to explain his early history?

-At the time my writing was pretty basic, but that is a very good idea. I actually did that in Book 2 with Smoke. First person is a style I enjoy very much. Maybe another time I'll right an entire series like that (RCPD Metal).

5. What happened with the Water Tribe dispute?

-Well I don't want to spoil it to much as I plan for this to be a big issue all the way in Book 4. But let's just say it was a manipulated conflict. The culture really just ended up going in two different directions. Of course, certain groups inside the story tried to manipulate it. Still you may be surprised how it turns out.

6. Where on earth did the 1/16 Dragon rumor come from?

-A kid I knew back in the day told me a joke about Canadians being 1/16 bear. I asked him if I could parody that, and he said yes. He is also who I based Cori off of.

7. How important would you say the grandkids are to the story since there is such a gap in age between them and Gatton? 

-I feel like they play a key part of the story. I use them well because they are the future, and I feel like sometimes it feels like you are reading a bunch of adults rambling. In Book 1 I try to keep them in the action. Their perspectives were ones I always looked forward to writing.

8. Now lots of things happen throughout the story that help build up to the next part. But what if you had to cut something, say because you had a fixed story size? As an author, what would you prioritize as most important for your story?

-The theoretical question... Well Gatton's story is ultimately what I would prioritize. He's the Avatar and this ultimately is an Avatar story. His destiny is what centers around the whole story.

9. Gatton gets help from what seems like a shady character at first. Did your image of the Avatar change with who he consorted with or is he ideal regardless of the situation around him?

-Smoke and Gatton's interactions are what I remember writing about. Gatton has good morals. Smoke's character is supposed to be shady and dark, because that is what he is. Gatton had escape on his mind, so he would have felt conflicted if Smoke turned out bad.

10. Back to the first chapter, it was mentioned that Gatton had not been involved as he would have when his parents passed away. Did this affect the current timeline and story of Book One? How about Book Two?

-War of the Water Tribes is definitely a consequence. Not to get to spoiler-y, but this is Gatton's weakness.

11. Now the war with the Sages is certainly an integral part of the story. Would you give us some background on it?

-Well if we are talking about how I came up with the idea, I read up on some revolutions. The iron hides and some feudal wars seemed to fit really well with what I wanted to do with the story. The sages ruled the country from a distance, however some felt differently.

12. Regardless of who's side the Avatar is on; which side of this conflict would you join with if you were involved?

-The establishment or the rising power... Honestly I'd stay the heck out of this. The sides in this both have their problems. Actually I kind of funny if you think about it: the good guys win and ironically did what the bad guy would have done. They put a single person in charge of a whole country. Hmm.

13. In Blazing Dawn, Gatton had a disturbing talk with a part of himself, what inspired this dream?

-Avatar's are weird and mystical. Aang saw visions of the future. Gatton's talk is meant to scare him. The "Dark Avatar" not a new concept, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Still it furthers the plot and provides a motivation for Gatton.

14. Does Raingeous (did I spell that right?) have any other motives besides conquest?

-That is something I wish I could have articulated better in the series. His motivation is his dissatisfaction with the way things are, particularly with Amax. He is power hungry, for his version of the Fire Nation.

15. Why is Smoke important to Raingeous' plan?

-We are never really able to dive into that in the actual fanon, because his plans never come into fruition. Smoke is arguably the most powerful character introduced in Book 1. Raingeous would have used him as a weapon as well as a fear tactic. After all, if you knew someone had that ability, you would probably be frightened.

Okay, now there is where I try something else. Kuzonkid will ask me some things related to his fanon, such as things he would like to point out, worries about characters and plot, or just themes and advice. Kuzonkid gets to ask the questions!

1. So first off, thanks for the interview. What did you think of the characters. I have heard people tell me that they are lovably flawed. As you read the fanon, you realize my writing slowly improves.

- Whenever someone writes, they always improve. So that it noticeable for sure. Be sure to read out loud what you are writing, that way you can notice errors.

2. What did you think of the Grandma subplot? Did it provide the comedic relief I hoped it would?

- Comedy is a good thing, how much depends on how serious your work is. Very serious, less; medially serious, more. I'm not sure what you exactly you were going for, but I liked it.

3. Were you confused by the assassins plot? I want to point out that they are characters who may or may not be related to the Black Lotus in Book 2 (spoilers).

- Not necessarily, because assassins always have an endgame that spans over time. So that actually didn't bother me.

4. Who was your favorite character in Book 2? Mine was Baizken and Smoke. They are good and I like the arc Baizken goes through (or at least I attempted him to go through).

- Smoke, fo' sho!

5. Would you request this fanon to your friends as of Book 1? I really hope you enjoyed this, dude. Can't wait 'til part two of our interview?

- I would recommend this as a fanon to look at to see progress over writing and 'how things came to be' type. I'll have to see Book 2 to see how that goes.

Alright that's it for part 1 of the interview! Stay tuned for more and find out the story behind book 2 and the mysteries Gatton faces there! This is Kuir signing off!

Be sure to stay tuned to the FFF for more interviews from Kuzon and other writers and learn more about fanons on the wiki, here.

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