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Hi, Kuir Here with EarthAvatar5! This is an interview for his fanon The Legend of Kano! A new story about an OC Avatar. Let's check out what the new author thought about as he went into this journey of creating his own epic.

1. Hey Earth, how are you doing?

Never been better. Thanks for asking.

2. Off the bat, we notice that this story is in first person. Why did you choose that style?

Well I wanted to tell the story from Kano's point of view. I wanted for readers to know what Kano is thinking what are his fellings for a person. There is one more reason but you will find out in the last chapter of the series. 

3. Did you have any specific reasons for the names of your characters? Were there meanings behind them?

Mira is named after a star and stars are hot and Mira is a firebender so it was the best name.Kano is a name that has been in my head since ATLA and it was perfect for a Avatar.Han and Lea are named after the two characters from Star Wars. 

4. In Chapter 2, Kano's past immediately connects with him, unlike most Avatars, will he retain this ability as the story goes on?

Yes,but for now the only way for Kano to commnicate with his past lives is if they want to.Like in State of Power when Kanna shows Kano a glimpse of her past.

5. What was your biggest inspiration to write this?

I always wondered what are the stories of the Avatars before Aang.Like what is the name of the Avatar before Yangchen and what was his story. At some point this year inspiration struck my head and I wrote the first draft of chapter one after that The Legend of Kano was born.

6. Just what are the Un-Che and the Northern Kingdom?

The Un-Che are a army from the Northern Kingdom and they come to claim the whole world by the orders from their king. The Northern Kingdom is a group of cities on the northern tip of the Earth Kingdom they are ruled by one king.The inspiration for the Un-Che came to me when I was re-watching the episode Avatar Day. Chin the Conqueror and how Kyoshi stopped him.  

7. What is their goal in this new war?

They want to conquer the whole Earth Kingdom and eventually the whole world by the orders of their king.

8. What happened to the Spiritual Councilors, how come they didn't take Kano away to train?

Well they couldn't because the town where Kano lived was attacked and Kano had runned away as soon as that happended. They where defending teh toen that Kano lived in and if Kano stayed he would have been killed.

9. What really happened to Kanna?

She was killed in the first battle from the Un-Che by an Yuyan Archer. Then the Un-Che waited for the next Avatar to be announced so they can kill the next Avatar and get rid of the Avatar Spirit forever. Kanna was killed at the age of nineteen.

10. What is it with Ku-yan's obsession with Cat-deer?

They are afraid of spiritual animals.And they hunt them for their meat because it is wanted in food restoraunts and are sold for a good price. The main reason will be revealed in the future chapters.

11. Is Lea as old as the rest of the Team?

She is three or two years older from them but she fits in the team perfectly.

12. Which is your favorite character to write?

Han because he is the Sokka of this team and he is funny and full of jokes. The best thing about him was in The Road when they remembered the old school pranks.

13. You mention evil spirits that were released in war during Kanna's time, how did they manage that?

Well there are spirits that live among us in the darkest places on Earth and the Un-Che seeked for them at those places. I don't want to say too much about this because this will be a huge thing later in the series.  

14. We have Fanon Council Awards coming up, what is your take on that?

Well I already know who am I going to vote for but if somenone votes for my fanon I will be the happiest person alive.

15. Do you see anyone that you like?

Well your fanons are great especially The Journey of Tala and Minnichi's Silent Hero in Emerald is also awesome. But till it starts I will try to read more fanons possible.

16. Any words for fans?

It is hard to say because there is only one fan.The Un-Che maybe a group but their true leader the one that is causing this whole war will stay in the shadows close to our Team for a very long time. You will never suspect that that certain person is the true villan EVIL LAUGH !!!!

That's all for today. Catch the full story of Kano in the chapters and see what the Un-Che do next! This is Kuir signing off!

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