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Hi, Kuir Here with Fruit Loops- err Fruipit! This is an interview for her Seven 'Shots! A string of one-shots to support Taang week. Let's check out what the famed one-shot author thought about as she went on again for some new short epics.

1. Hey Fruipit, how are you doing?
Pretty sweet, actually :) I can hear Akhenatenism and German economic policy calling to me. I'm ignoring it ^_^

2. We may have talked about this before, but what gave you the idea to do this series of one-shots?
Taang week. Really. I wanted the prompts and I thought it would be fun as I had never participated in anything like this before.

3. Did you have any specific reasons for the names or did they just fit in with your stories?
They were the prompts given to us. I just thought it would be easier to name the chapters after the prompt I used. The title of the series I came up with purely because "Taang Week 2013" is really boring.

4. In Regrets, we see Toph go a little off the reservation on someone's wedding night, if you wrote an after-effect story, how would it go?
It would probably follow the group trying to catch up with her. Well, perhaps Aang asking Sokka or Zuko. I never really thought about it, I guess. This was the first one I wrote, and the least edited. It's very much what I intended, and I never thought too deeply about reasons and whatnot.

5. How do you think Katara would react after what happens in Regrets?
I think she would be sort of heart-broken, because who wants to see their new husband kissing someone else on their wedding night? She would probably be angry at Toph, and not understand to try to understand her motives. To me, Katara has had a very simple life. As we see in "Bato of the Water Tribe", she puts the blame of being betrayed on the betrayer, and doesn't stop to think about their reasoning. To her, Toph kissing her husband, and keeping her feelings a secret would be a betrayal of their friendship, and she would react accordingly.

6. In Family, Toph finally considers reconciliation with her parents, did you want to write that out?
The actual reconciliation? No, I didn't. The prompt was "Family" (obvs) but I didn't want it to be too cliché. I tried to keep the stories relating to the prompts as vague as possible, so I never intended the 'family' aspect t be the main focus. The focus of that story was Toph's relationship with her parents and how it affected her decision to reconcile.

7. In Family, Poppy is making clay figures, what inspired that?
Actually, it was a song (and another fic I'm writing). Poppy isn't an earthbender, but being a noblewoman I expect her to be more artistically inclined. This was her way of being close to her daughter. If you want to Youtube the song, it's called "Expectations" by Belle & Sebastian.

8. Why was Toph blind and unable to bend in Balance?
I don't know. I didn't really think about it, because then I knew I would either overthink it, or not be able to give a good enough reason. So, I just left it.

9. Lies had Toph pretend to have a date, couldn't she have gotten a date if she wanted?
I think she would. The question really is, would she want to? Toph to me isn't the sort of person to be into boys and dating. If she likes someone, she would rather just spend time with them, earthbending or something instead of dressing up for dates.

10. What was the naming purpose behind Tattoos and its content?
Well, a tattoo is an even bugle signal to signify the end of the day. That inspired the whole military theme, but I had wanted to use the idea of Toph being traumatised. I mean, she is strong, but to feel someone die, and to know you're the cause? That in turn influenced the second definition; being marked.

11. I liked how Manners reminded the reader that Toph knows proper etiquette but still could have trouble. Do you think that Toph's problem or Aang's ignorance would be a bigger problem in the long run?
Probably Toph's. Aang could learn about proper etiquette - at least enough to get by. With Toph, it's always been a struggle to do normal things. Imgine trying to use chopsticks when you have no idea where the food is? I wanted to introsude that this was an issue that had been plaguing her for years, with the idea that they had even developed a system to make her appear less dependent.

12. In Realisation, Taang gets much more romantic than most of the other Seven Shots, how come its one of the few that does this?
Because I thought it was cute. I know a lot of my stories seem to forget this, but she has this sort of unrefined humour. Plus, she wanted him to do what he did, and so she made him, thinking up an excuses so she wouldn't seem as "pathetic" in his eyes. Why is this one more romantic? I think because I was in a better mood when I wrote it. The angsty stuff didn't come to me as easily for that one (and I had some doozies haha).

13. Did you ever count out how long it takes an oak tree to grow?
Haha I don't actually know. I was channelling my inner Iroh with that. It really was a metaphor that even the oldest oaks look the same as ones that are newly grown - once it gets past the baby stage. Even though Toph has to wait, Aang's love will catch up to hers.

14. Do you think if Taang had happened that Toph would wear the pants or that Twinkle Toes might toughen up?
Can I say a little of both? I think that Toph definitely has many more sides to her, that we don't see, and I think her being in a relationship (any relationship) would allow an author and the readers to explore her softer side. That being said, she wouldn't take any crap from Aang and I think he would need to be less sensitive around her.

15. You have Learning linked to it in the infobox, is Learning gonna be more structured than one-shots, or is it gonna be like Seven Shots?
I actually just changed that! It was never going to be structured; just a collection of one-shots about Toph and Aang. I may write a structured one, revolving around the same universe. Little vignettes. But not at the moment, and I doubt it would be Taang.

16. With Taang as the clear theme in all the fanons, how would you have ideally seen Taang happen in ATLA or LoK flashbacks?
Hmm, that's hard, because I know it isn't canon. I guess the best I could hope for would be for Katara to die (ooh, that sounds bad, doesn't it?) and Aang and Toph get together. I actually read a rather pleasant (read: angsty) story with that storyline.

17. Which was your favorite fanon of the seven?
Hmm, that's a difficult one. Probably Tattoos or Regret. Regret was the first one I wrote, and the least unedited. Oh, but I like the dessert scene in Manners... I think that there were little parts in all of them that I liked. Realisation, because Toph doesn't cry.

18. As a master one-shot writer, any advice for hopefuls?
"Master one-shot writer"? I like that! Haha the best advice I could give would be, "don't quit." If you're stuck, or lost, or confused, ask for help. Don't just give up, because that's the worst possible thing you could do. The second would probably be, "don't throw out anything." No matter how terrible you think an idea, keep it, because I can guarantee that if you throw away something, a few chapters/stories/scenes down the line, you'll say, "I had this great idea! ... And now I can't remember it... and I threw it out ;_;"

19. We have Fanon Council Awards coming up, what is your take on that?
I'm excited to see all the categories. We have so many brilliant authors on here, from old ones like Agent Slash to newer members like ByBray. Each and everyone brings something unique to the fanon portal, and I love seeing authors receive the recognition they deserve.

20. Do you see any new talent that has come up since this new year as an interviewer?
Oh, definitely! As I mentioned above, ByBray is one who I have the utmost respect for. His stories are something that I haven't really had an opportunity to read before. It's more than the new users though; I love seeing how users have improved. One such example would be Lady Lostris. Heiress of the Nile is one of my favourite stories (shocker, right?), and after having read some of her other work, I can see how much her style has developed and grown by writing that ridiculously long story.

21. Any words for fans?
Just thank you. So much. I love seeing how my work is received, particularly by other authors (but not necessarily). I'm trying to have less angsty Toph, because apparently some people *coughcoughTycough* are getting annoyed that she cries so much ;P

22. Have you read any of Ty's One-Shot Contest entries? Will you send one of your infamous pieces in?
What do you mean, "infamous"?!? haha I've read most of them, and I'm rather scared for my chances. Particularly with such a hard topic as "less than 1,000 words", the stories that most people have submitted have been absolutely brilliant pieces of condensed literature. Of course I'm going to send one one mine in! I have already released it, actually, and you can read it --> there if you want.

That's it from Fruipit this round, go and read her work and see how you like the art of one-shots. Until next time, this is Kuir signing off!

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