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Hi all, Kuir here with a new interview with King Bumis Heir on his fanon; Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan . The Legacy of Rong Yan covers the Avatar who we all saw bend lava in TLA. As such, we just have to know the story, behind the Vizier looking Avatar.

1. Hi KBH, how are you doing?

-- I'm doing just fine, thanks for interviewing me!!

2. So where did you get the idea to make a story about the lava Avatar (thats what I call him)?

-- Well I thought he seemed like a pretty cool character even though he got a few seconds of screen time. Plus a lot of folks are doing fanons on Yangchen, Kuruk, Kyoshi, and Roku or Avatars after Korra, so I thought why not go backwards and make fanons on a few previous Avatars. I also wanted to create story on him, because I wanted people to know more about the character even though it wasn't canon.

3. You let it known pretty early that the bad guy, Senlin is a metalbender. Why did you pick that technique?

-- Well technically, Senlin isn't a metalbender. He used earth that was accidentally thrown into his cell by kids, molding the earth into a sizable earth fist to do damage. The earth fist, basically destroyed the metal door and bent it in a strange way.

The investigators concluded, that no earthbender could bend the metal that way. Metalbenders are extremely rare in the Avatar world during their time. I got the idea from King Bumi how he bent out of the metal coffin using earth.

The entire Earth Kingdom government, believes that he is a metalbender which he is not. You never know what a master earthbender may do.

4. You originally wrote this as a comic, why did you change it to a written story?

-- Well I wanted to try bringing it out on written format, though I did change it a lot from the comic book version. A lot of the characters from the comic had different names or no names. Some characters are new in the fanon.

5. How long do you intend to make the series? Beyond book 3?

-- We talked about this the other day. I confirmed it to be up to Book 3, but I started to think I should put it out further to a fourth book. Do not know the exact name of the fourth book, but it will contain stories after the Rong Yan vs Senlin story arc.

How everything changes for the better after the story arc, the book picks up after Rong Yan kills Senlin. The after years as you might call it, up to his death. Also brings forth how the world changes and prepares for Avatar Yangchen.

Now I might actually go back to Yangchen and do a LoK format of chapters up to like 12 or maybe even 15 chapters. Just to summarize an important part of her life that became history.

6. I know that you intend to write stories for Avatar Ku Tei, (the predecessor), so why did you choose to go backwards?

-- Like I said in question two, most people do fanons on the lives after Korra or before Aang up to Yangchen. Not many stories about the past Avatars before the Unnamed Fire Nation Avatar aka Rong Yan as I like to call him.

My friend Manzai is doing one on the Earth Kingdom Avatar before Rong Yan. Not necessarily like Ku Tei. In the Rong Yan story, there was a war before he was born called the Thirty Year War, which involved the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom.

So basically, all the events that have occurred before this fanon, most people want to look more into that sorts of event. Which Ku Tei's fanon will specifically break down the Thirty Year War story arc. Like Anana's will break down the Blood War story arc. And Kwan Chun's will break down the whole problem with the Air Nomad genocide that was going to occur, during his time by the tyrant Earth King Yao.

7. How will the Spirit World play out to its fullest in Legacy?

-- Well I don't know, but a lot of Rong Yan's past lives will start to come into play when he starts retracing steps back, to certain areas in the world. Not all of them will show up. But a few.

8. Will Rong Yan rely on his past lives for help and experience, or will he try to do things himself?

-- Well if he has something he cannot solve he will rely on his past lives experiences on the matter. Whether they may help him out or not. If not then he will do things his own way, and see the outcome of it.

9. Since you're going in reverse order in the story, how do you intend to wrap up Rong Yan's story?

-- After the Senlin battle. Like I said I might add a book four which only tells the story after the main story. It might be a separate fanon. But like I mentioned the Thirty Year War story is still untouched. Though in the Ku Tei life story summary chapter. It'll only answer certain questions. The Ku Tei fanon story will wrap up all the answers for the Thirty Year War.

10. Now, the most important question: Will you write out the scene where Rong Yan used the Avatar State to Lava-bend?!

-- Haha, of course I will. You'll just have to wait and see when the lavabending scene will occur. I can't say when, but we all have a pretty good idea when it may happen. :D

11. In the most recent Chapter, The Golden Claw, it seemed to be fairly separate from the larger story, was this simply to give readers a breather or will the story have an impact later on.

-- Well I chose to do some breathers, spin offs off the main story just filler chapters, but I do believe that we will see the pirates later on in Book 2. The last descendant of the Zhu family, will make an appearance don't know exactly when but maybe the same time when they confront the pirates once again.

12. Now on your fanon's mainpage, you have mention of the Blood Moon that will be coming up, would you be willing to give any spoilers on that?

-- The Blood Moon, is a special holiday that bloodbender practitioners celebrate. The Blood Moon event, actually makes bloodbenders stronger through various trials.

Chapter 10, explains some of the Blood Moon through Anana's lifetime and the Blood War. Which all syncs in to Chapter 11 and Chapter 12. If you continue to read further after new chapters are released you will see the change of personality in one of the characters.

13. And one more question, do you have anything to say to any readers or fans?

-- Well to my readers, I thank each and everyone of you for subscribing, and actually reading my fanon. Fans, subscribe, read it, you won't regret reading this fanon. As it the fanon progresses further it will get more intense.

Have any more interests in this fanon? Check it out here!

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